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Smart CRM Basics: Why Customer Intelligence?

Reap all the benefits of your CI with a Single Customer View to generate long-term loyalty among customers

What many marketers work on achieving is bringing customer data from separate platforms all into one place. This allows them to gain a clearer picture of their customer’s story – and then take action (hopefully) accordingly.

Today, most companies usually have core customer data that is generated and stored in-house, like transactions and web/app activity. Then, they use third party data to gather customer surveys or customer care info from support, data enrichment, and more.

But the objective, in the end, is to have all these different sources flow into one place: The Single Customer View.

This makes it much easier to use your data to build better customer loyalty.

Watch the mini-workshop below or read the transcript just under it to learn more about customer intelligence:

The Single Customer View

Let’s take a look at the customer in the example below:

We can tell she visited our site two days ago and purchased many times in the last month – so, she is probably a valuable customer. But she does not seem to be satisfied based on her latest survey score and the fact that she has three open support tickets.

What Can You Derive from This?

She is a customer worth investing in – based on her purchase activity. However, the fact that she is not happy might require a different CRM approach compared to a regular active customer.

If you have a similar case at your company – for your next campaign, divide your regular active customers into two groups according to whether they are satisfied or not. Then, send your satisfied regular active customers Campaign A promoting your latest flash sale.

Your unsatisfied customers should receive Campaign B – with a different tone that addresses their current state of mind. Tell them, for example, that based on their feedback, your brand has been putting a lot of time and effort into improving. Take it a step further, and even offer them something small as a gift.

In Sum

Gaining customer insights across separated platforms for each customer is extremely difficult – and even more challenging at scale.

That’s why having a platform that automates customer data and intelligence is crucial to the success of your CRM efforts.

If you want to learn more about reaping the benefits of CI with the use of the Single Customer View and AI-based analytics that are based in that data, feel free to Reach Out at any time or visit the Optimove Learning Center.

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Jonathan Inbar

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