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10 Reasons Why Optimove Optimizes iGaming Marketing 

Both the leaders and the fastest growing companies in the iGaming industry use Optimove to personalize their players’ experiences and win their loyalty for life

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Why it Matters:

Learn how Optimove empowers iGaming CRM marketers to start with the player instead of a game or bonus to form strong, loyal, and long-lasting customer relationships. 

Key takeaways:
  • Optimove is an all-in-one CRM marketing platform that helps operators maximize player lifetime value, engagement, loyalty and retention.  
  • Optimove’s vast capabilities, from player insights to creation through orchestration streamlines marketers’ workflow. 
  • Optimove empowers marketers to create granular segments, orchestrate personalized campaigns, and deliver player-led cross-channel journeys. 

The 10 Reasons:

  1. Maximizes Player Lifetime Value (LTV) – Let long-term relationships with players guide marketing actions – from the predicted future value of each player to LTV maximization as the north star metric – AI optimizes each player’s journey.  
  1. Personalization at Scale – Create thousands of personalized campaigns with no need for additional resources. With Optimove, marketers gain access to unified player data, campaign creation, and advanced content personalization models all in one place, ensuring that each player receives the ideal, personalized message via their preferred channel. 
  1. Accelerates ideation-to-execution – Marketers shouldn’t have to wait for other teams to provide the insights needed to create new engaging campaigns. With Optimove, marketing teams gain direct access to unified historic, real-time, and predictive customer data that they can explore using no-code data explorers or AI-powered tools. As a result, marketing teams can move from insight to execution instantly. 
  1. Orchestrates Personalized Player-Led Journeys – The days of CRM marketers’ premeditated mapping out of a player’s journey are over. Each player wants and expects their own personalized journey. Optimove’s sophisticated prioritization and exclusion framework combines AI-led decisioning with human-set business rules so marketers can orchestrate infinite player-led personalized journeys. 

Your options for CDP-led orchestration.

  1. Provides Symmetric Personalized Experiences – Opti-X, Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), enables marketing teams to delight players with dynamically created personalized experiences that are completely aligned across channels. From a recommended bet sent via SMS to the first bet displayed within an operator’s site, Optimove ensures that each individual player has an experience specifically tailored for them.  
  1. Engages Players in Real-Time – Players live in the moment, making real-time engagement paramount. But without the rich context of historical data, marketers will leave plenty of value on the table. With Optimove, iGaming operators create real-time campaigns that take player history into account. For example, target players who abandon a bet slip with their preferred bonus or trigger a message based on a real-time change in a game’s score at players who usually place bets on the teams playing. 
  1. Optimizes Generosity Spend – Over bonusing erodes EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization), that’s a problem in a profitability-first world. Optimove’s Self-Optimizing Campaigns ensure each player receives the lowest bonus possible to elicit a positive reaction, resulting in savings via optimized generosity spend.  
  1. Measures the Incremental Impact of Each Interaction – Understanding what works, what doesn’t, and what needs immediate attention is easier said than done when managing a CRM Marketing program at scale. With Optimove, each campaign and journey is created with a statistically valid control group that allows the marketing team and Optimove’s AI to quickly identify and surface what is the incremental impact of each player interaction.  
  1. Creates Operational Efficiency – Remove costly and time-consuming operational silos by having all your channels and player data managed from one single platform. Optimove empowers marketers to create granular segments, design personalized campaigns, and orchestrate cross-channel journeys, all from a single platform, resulting in expansive operational efficiencies.  
  1. Fosters a Responsible Gambling Environment – Optimove leverages advanced Machine Learning (ML) models to proactively identify harmful player behaviors and promote responsible gambling practices.  

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In Summary  

iGaming operators who use Optimove to optimize their CRM marketing campaigns are able to put their players first and gain their loyalty for life.  

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Rony Vexelman

Rony Vexelman is Optimove’s VP of Marketing. Rony leads Optimove’s marketing strategy across regions and industries. Previously, Rony was Optimove's Director of Product Marketing leading product releases, customer marketing efforts and analyst relations. Rony holds a BA in Business Administration and Sociology from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.