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Revolutionizing AI in Customer-Led Marketing with OptiGenie 

Achieving true personalization is every marketer’s goal and with AI this really comes to life. Meet OptiGenie – your AI-powered, customer-led marketing assistant that will guide you through every step of your workflow. With OptiGenie’s AI Insights, AI Creation, and AI Orchestration you can deliver top-tier, personalized experiences that delight your customers at every touchpoint.

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Why it matters:

OptiGenie revolutionizes AI in Customer-Led Marketing by providing marketers with a comprehensive assistant for every workflow stage. With AI Insights, AI Creation, and AI Orchestration, OptiGenie empowers marketers to unlock customer insights, streamline campaign creation, and optimize campaign delivery, enhancing personalization efforts at scale.

Key takeaways:
  • OptiGenie enhances personalization by leveraging AI Insights for predictive modeling, optimization, and generative AI insights.
  • AI Creation features enable quick and impactful campaign building through generative AI copy assistance and personalized product recommendations.
  • AI Orchestration ensures optimal campaign delivery with self-optimizing journeys, campaigns, streams, and control group optimization.
  • OptiGenie streamlines workflow, providing instant insights, automating campaign creation, and optimizing delivery for effective customer engagement.
  • The platform enables marketers to achieve true personalization, adapt to evolving customer needs, and maximize the impact of their campaigns.

As marketers we need data at our fingertips to unlock customer insights, getting innovative ideas for engaging campaigns, and perfectly orchestrating communications to each customer. And then achieving all that at scale? Seems like a wish from our wildest dreams.  

That’s exactly what OptiGenie does.  

As your customers, marketing, and technology evolves, so too does Optimove’s AI. From building innovative Predictive Models back in 2012, to the recent launch of our AI Copy Assistant, and everything in between – AI has always been at the core of Optimove.  

Now we welcome the new incarnation of Optimove’s AI with OptiGenie.  

OptiGenie not only automates and streamlines your work but grants you new opportunities that will take your personalization efforts to new realms.  

From marketing insights to campaign creation, through to smart orchestration – read on to explore how you can harness OptiGenie to enhance every step of your workflow. 

AI Insights: Unlock the Power of Your Data 

Data is at the heart of true customer-led marketing, helping you deeply understand your customers to deliver campaigns that meet their needs. With OptiGenie, your customer data is more  powerful than ever before: 

  • Anticipate your customers’ next action with AI Predictive Modelling. Don’t rely on guesswork to decide on how to reach your customers. Instead, OptiGenie can predict customer behavior such as their likelihood to convert, become a top spender, churn, and reactivate as well as their future value so you can deliver campaigns with precision. 
  • Optimize your marketing plan in the click of a button. Optibot is your trusty helper in automating analysis and optimization of marketing campaigns with AI-powered insights. Save time by instantly optimizing campaigns with one-click recommendations, such as dropping under-performing campaigns, or identifying anomalies in your data to increase campaign effectiveness.   
  • Unlock instant marketing knowledge with Generative AI Insights. Instead of spending time analyzing your marketing plans, use Generative AI to get the insights you need. Need to show your boss the revenue generated from last year’s holiday campaigns? Or want to build a chart measuring the response rate of VIP campaigns in the last quarter? Simply ask OptiGenie with natural language for any insight, and it will be delivered to you in seconds. 

Your options for CDP-led orchestration.

AI Creation: Build Impactful Campaigns  

Now that you have insights on your customers and campaigns, it’s time to act. To deliver personalization at scale you need to create hundreds of campaigns for hundreds of different segments. Now, with OptiGenie, you can speed up your campaign creation workflow without having to compromise on personalization.  

  • Build more engaging campaigns in seconds with Generative AI. Leverage a Generative AI Copy Assistant to generate marketing messages as well as translate, proofread, and spell-check it so you can focus on your personalization strategy. 
  • Curate personalized digital experiences with AI Product Recommendations. Take your campaigns to the next level by dynamically creating real-time, personalized recommendations for each customer using Machine Learning models including Similar Items, Trending Near You, and Recently Purchased. 
  • Discover what customers to target next with AI Target Group Discovery. Whether you’re looking for the perfect audience for a new product or it’s coming to the end of the quarter, OptiGenie can give you that extra push to hit your goals by discovering your next best target group. Segment customers by any KPI, such as those that have the highest likelihood to convert, or purchase, to accelerate revenue growth by delivering campaigns that have an immediate impact on your bottom line.  

AI Orchestration: Deliver the Optimal Campaign  

The last step is to orchestrate all your campaigns to deliver the next-best campaign, treatment, and content to each customer.  

Doing this manually is nearly impossible, so an AI orchestration engine is the key to experimenting, automating, and optimizing every campaign and journey for maximum impact.  

  • Start your customers’ journey with the best campaign for them using Self-Optimizing Journeys. Don’t lock your customers into rule-based journeys when AI can assist you in discovering the right campaign for them. By orchestrating personalized customer journeys, you can deliver the best campaign to each customer and maximize customer lifetime value. 
  • Automatically serve the best treatment to each customer using Self-Optimizing Campaigns. Say goodbye to using a winner-takes-all approach when it comes to A/B testing. Using AI, you can run A/B/n tests that automatically deliver the treatment that each customer is most likely to respond to.  
  • Determine the next-best series of actions for each customer with Self-Optimizing Streams (coming soon!). If you want to plan each step of a customer journey in a Stream while incorporating AI testing and optimization, Self-Optimizing Streams is the best of both worlds. When using A/B/n treatments to experiment with campaign strategies, from different channels to varying promotions, OptiGenie will allocate the most impactful series of campaigns to each customer. 
  • Maximize the reach of your campaigns with Control Group Optimization. The best way to measure the success of your campaigns is, you guessed it, using an AI-powered multi-touch attribution model. While that includes using control groups, it doesn’t mean you’re leaving money on the table. Instead, maximize how many customers receive a campaign by leveraging AI to optimize the ideal control group size. 

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Make Marketing Magic with OptiGenie 

AI is the ultimate tool to assist marketers in achieving true personalization at scale. By leveraging OptiGenie’s AI Insights, AI Creation, AI Orchestration you can transform your marketing efforts to improve productivity, while exceeding customer expectations to maximize customer loyalty and lifetime value. So, if you want to be part of the next generation of marketers with OptiGenie, let’s talk.   

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Natalie Samuels

Natalie Samuels is a Product Marketing Specialist at Optimove, focusing on Customer Data & Reporting, Campaign Management, and Orchestration. Natalie holds a BSc in Politics and International Relations from the University of Bristol.