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“Mother’s Day Shopping? Sure, and Sooner Rather than Later,” Consumers Say  

Mother's Day is almost upon us - heads up! – and like previous peak shopping events, we know what consumers are planning. How? We simply asked them. What will they buy? When? What factors impact their decisions? Oh, mama, do we have some stats for you

Wait, did we just remind you that Mother’s Day is coming up? We’re here to help marketers boost customer loyalty and better understand consumer behavior and preferences, but we’re happy to help however we can. So, make a mental note, and let’s dive into our survey results – what do consumers have planned for this Mother’s Day? 

Quality and personalization over price 

In choosing a Mother’s Day gift, quality was selected by 33% of respondents, and personalization was chosen by 28% as the two most important factors in choosing a gift. They were followed by price (20%) and convenience at 16%.  

Why is personalization key? Well, imagine all mothers getting the same gift this Mother’s Day. Let’s just say it probably won’t go over well. Why? Because each mom is unique, just like your customers (okay, more). Providing customers with a personalized, relevant experience that meets their wants and needs is a proven way to encourage brand growth. We’ve seen similar results across our recent surveys, the Summer Shopping, Marketing Fatigue, Consumer Trust, and more

Last-minute Mother’s Day shopper? You’re doing it wrong 

56% of shoppers plan on buying Mother’s Day gifts at least two weeks in advance. And another 28% will be ready with a gift at least one week ahead. Just one in ten, understandably, will push their luck with a last-minute buy.  

Can they be persuaded to shop earlier? If the offer is personalized and relevant, for sure. 75% said a sale would motivate them to make a purchase earlier than planned. Now, don’t just go bombarding your audience with messages and promotions.  

Remember, our 2023 Consumer Marketing Fatigue Survey showed that 66% of consumers want fewer marketing messages, and 27% feel bombarded by marketing messages. The solution? Once again, personalization and relevancy. 

Omnichannel marketing can help  

According to our Mother’s Day survey, 38% of the respondents intend to shop using both in-store and online channels, 27% plan to shop solely in-store, and 35% prefer exclusively online shopping.  

These figures align with our 2023 Summer Shopping Survey findings, where 40% of consumers reported shopping across both channels. Additionally, the Summer Survey revealed that 79% of shoppers surveyed checked prices online while shopping in-store. This highlights the importance of retailers’ omnichannel capabilities to engage effectively with customers. 

Flowers may not always be a hit, but they’re never a miss (and get an actual card) 

60% of respondents plan on buying their mama’s flowers, while about 45% said they’d buy clothing, gift cards, or jewelry. 75% will buy a greeting card (mental note!), with 45% choosing a physical card, 19% an online card, and 11% both. 

A final word from Optimove CEO 

“Retailers need to be ready early with Mother’s Day campaigns as savvy consumers think about and plan this holiday,” said Pini Yakuel, Optimove CEO and Founder.  

“The results show that shopping for Mother’s Day is not a last-minute thought. Right now, retailers should ask each customer if they’re considering a gift for mom – if the answer is ‘yes’ – be ready to offer suggestions.”   

For more results and analysis, download the report.

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