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2024 Mother’s Day Shopping Preferences Survey Highlights Early Shopping, Product Quality & Personalization

More than 80% are motivated to shop early based on price, yet consumers say that quality and personalization are more significant factors than price 

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Why It Matters:

Optimove Insights’ 2024 Mother’s Day Shopping Preferences Survey reveals crucial insights for marketers as more consumers start early and prioritize quality and personalization over price. The results emphasize the need for marketers to balance promotions with consumer preferences and embrace omnichannel strategies for success.

The Big Picture:
  1. Early shopping is prevalent, with 70% of consumers planning to buy Mother’s Day gifts at least two weeks in advance. 
  1. Quality and personalization are key factors driving purchasing decisions, with 44% prioritizing quality and 21% favoring personalization over price. 
  1. Omnichannel shopping is on the rise, as nearly 40% of consumers intend to shop both in-store and online, emphasizing the need for retailers to enhance their omnichannel capabilities. 
  1. Sustainability matters, with 63% of consumers prioritizing eco-friendly brands for Mother’s Day gifts, signaling a growing awareness and preference for sustainable options. 

Optimove Insights, the analytical and research arm of Optimove, has released its latest report titled “Mother’s Day 2024 Consumer Shopping Preferences Survey,” based on a consumer survey conducted in April 2024.  

The survey and report uncover insights into consumer behavior and preferences for Mother’s Day shopping. It explores key issues like timing, preferred type of present, factors influencing shopping decisions, online vs. in-store, and more.  

The results emphasize the need for marketers to balance promotional efforts with consumer preferences to avoid overwhelming customers with marketing messages. Additionally, the results underscore the significance of omnichannel strategies and sustainability initiatives for retailers aiming to meet consumer expectations. 

Key Highlights: 

Here are 3 of our Mother’s Day shopping trends for 2024:

Around 70% plan to purchase Mother’s Day gifts at least two weeks in advance.  

2. Preference for Quality and Personalization

Consumers prioritize quality (44%) and personalization (21%) over price (17%) when selecting gifts. See the total breakdown for Mother’s Day gift trends this year.

3. Flowers Reign Supreme

Flowers are still the number one choice this Mother’s Day selected by 63% of respondents.  

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These are only some of the insights from this year’s Mother’s Day Shopping Trends 2024 Survey. The full report provides more in-depth insights as to what consumers are doing this Mother’s Day.


The Optimove Insights 2024 Mother’s Day Shopping Survey queried 307 U.S. citizens in April 2024. Respondents were 18-plus, 49% male/51% female (no respondents were non-binary or declined to answer), and household incomes were $75,000-plus. 

For more detailed insights from the Mother’s Day 2024 Consumer Shopping Preferences Survey download the report.  

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