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Don’t Go CRMing in 2022 Without Reading These First

In 2021 Optimove was named a Leader by Forrester, received 95% Willingness to Recommend on Gartner, won numerous awards, and raised $75M. We also published tons of content you really loved. Here's the gist for each of our top10 most popular pieces from this past, crazy year

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Most of the audience that consumes the content we at Optimove are publishing is comprised of marketing professionals. It makes sense – our solution is for marketing teams. That’s one reason we can’t afford producing anything less than high quality content, all the time. It’s like baking for bakers. You get the idea.

But, even for us, some of what we do resonates better with our audience. And other parts, less.

So, for the end of 2021, we present you with our most beloved content from this past year – and for each link, we’ll tell you why you should make sure to read it (or not).

Overall, we’ll just say, 2021 was a crazy year for Optimove. We kept growing in every sense, won numerous Retention awards, pushed up to Leaders by Forrester, received a 95% “Willingness to Recommend” on Gartner Peer Insights, and raised a $75M growth fund from the fantastic Summit Partners.

We also released twice as many product updates compared to 2020, partnered with some amazing companies, and onboarded dozens of clients we’re thrilled to be working with.

So, there was a lot to write about.

Thank you for being here and thank you for our longggg lists of fantastic clients, partners, and employees – who all contribute massively to this blog.

Here’s the top10 from 2021:

10: Optimove Celebrates Exceptional CRM Marketing: Here Are The 2021 Heptagon Awards Winners

What is it really about: announcing the first ever winners of the first ever Heptagon Awards – where we give out awards in 9 different categories to our best performing clients.

Why you should read it: well, if you’re one of the winners – it’s a nice reminder. If you’re not – go in there to get some extra motivation to do even better CRM next year.

9: Black Friday Marketing: Here’s Why It’s Wrong To Prioritize New Customer Acquisition During the Holidays (at the expense of existing customers)

What is it really about: we’re using tonssss of statistical proof to show you that, actually, when “high season” comes by, most of your marketing resources should go on getting existing customers to buy with you again, and not on getting new ones to buy with you for the first time.

Why you should read it: because so many companies miss that cold, hard truth, and just leave money on the floor. Not to mention if you are one of those who are trying to get your organization to invest more in Retention Marketing.

8: Your CRM Journeys Will Crossfire (Unless They Are Mapped by AI)

What is it really about: we explain, with a nice little video too, why – in order to really scale your personalization and maximize Customer Lifetime Value – you must start trusting AI to map your customer journeys.

Why you should read it: because it’s a common misconception that AI is here to replace humans, when in reality it’s here to allow us to focus on what we’re doing best (things like solving problems and being creative), while the machine does the scalable work.

(btw, we cheat a little – it’s from very-late December of 2020, but shhh…)

7: Optimove Combines Realtime Segmentation with Predictive and Historical Data for Hyper-Personalized CRM

What is it really about: we let our readers know about a truly exciting new capability we developed.

Why you should read it: because combining slow and fast data to create customer segment in real-time is some futuristic stuff, and any marketer who will embrace it as part of their retention strategy will not only provide their customers with exceptional experience but will also leap themselves ahead of most of their competitors when it comes to maximizing customer lifetime value.

6: Optimove Makes Further Advancements in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

What is it really about: telling you that Gartner – again – gave us better scores than yesteryear, showing how we keep progressing, keeping our offering at the forefront of what the market needs.

Why you should read it: because it will give you a great insight into what we do best, and how it can help you.

5: Hey, CMO, Are You Making the Most of Your CRM Marketing?

What is it really about: the fact that when done right, smart CRM Marketing is perfectly measurable – which is a great thing for any marketing leader who wants a more firm “seat at the table.”

Why you should read it: because it goes deep into why CRM Marketing must be a highly prioritized, strategic initiative that the entire organization should stand behind.

4: The Power of Segmentation for Marketing Campaigns: The Ultimate Customer LTV Booster

What is it really about: first, let’s be clear – it’s not about the other “booster”… but, similarly, this one is also using cold hard data to show why the smaller the customer segment you “talk to” – the more revenue a campaign brings.

Why you should read it: because even though it makes perfect sense even without the numbers, people around you would want to see them.

3: Optimove Recognized as a Leader in Cross-Channel Campaign Management by Forrester

What is it really about: us telling you why we think the people over at Forrester named us “Leaders.”

Why you should read it: to know what makes Optimove such a beloved solution, duh.

2: When One Door Closes, Another Opens: The Challenge and Opportunity in Apple’s Email Privacy Updates for iOS 15

What is it really about: you know how Apple is no longer showing you some email metrics, including open rates? So, we tell you that if you move away from looking at such vanity metrics and instead start measuring your campaigns by “incremental revenue”, you shouldn’t really care at all.

Why you should read it: because this has been our most read article in a long time – when looking at VP/C-level readership. Yeah. They know what’s what.

1: Optimove Raises $75M to Build on its Category Leadership. Here’s Why Now

What is it really about: how and why we decided to take that money now, while we’re anyway a profitable, growing company, and where it is going to help us get.

Why you should read it: because it shows how serious we are when it comes to leading the CRM Marketing industry.

Here’s to next year’s list!

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