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The Optimove Promise: In Plain Words (and only 4 parts)

To provide access to all customer data, to help prioritize customers across any campaign on any channel, to measure any KPI and to enable marketers professional expertise. Optimove's VP Revenue had an interesting chat with his meemaw

It seems that with all of the buzzwords in marketing technology, it is nearly impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff. Every email service provider seemingly uses “AI-powered optimization” and every data warehouse is a “CDP”. Even from the side of a technology service provider, it has become almost impossible to really understand who does what and why. Endless promises fueled by seemingly infinite venture capital money has driven so much noise that it seems a whole class of marketers have become intellectually numb. And rightfully so. Who can blame them? Interestingly, it often seems that the more outlandish the claims on your website, the less likely you are to actually deliver.

Yet truth be told, it’s sometimes not so easy to explain what your technology does without sounding just like those you’ve mocked before. I set out on a quest, once dubbed “the grandmother challenge”, because I wanted to find a way of talking about Optimove that would make sense to my grandmother.

To do so, I went back to a fundamental concept that I love, the JTBD (jobs to be done) framework, made famous by Professor Christensen of HBS. I thought: what were the “jobs” we help marketers with and why is our approach so fundamentally different from everyone else out there?

So here goes, Optimove in plain words and in 4 parts:

1. Optimove empowers marketers by providing access to all of their customer data and insights

Trivial right? Wrong. Most companies are still constrained by which types of data and insights their marketers can access, without the need for data science or IT. Optimove creates an incredibly rich data trove and predictive customer model that can be accessed by a marketer with literally no SQL skills.

2. Optimove helps marketers prioritize and exclude customers across any marketing campaign on any channel

Put another way, Optimove is channel agnostic; we help marketers plan and visualize all available targeting options and then make sure that each customer gets the highest priority while being excluded from all the rest.

3. Optimove enables marketers to measure any business KPI

Opens, clicks, and impressions? Important. Whether you actually increased your Net Revenue, much more important! Optimove allows marketers to understand the uplift across any marketing for any KPI. Want to know whether a Facebook ad increased a basket size? Sure thing. Want to know if a push notification increased frequency? Done. Optimove lets marketers understand what is actually impacting their business.

4. Optimove shows marketers what they should be focusing on and how they can improve

Optimization is a big word, but to put it simply, it means that Optimove can help you identify valuable opportunities, and sometimes even act autonomously. Is a certain campaign only effective for a subsegment of customers? Get the others out of there! A campaign isn’t working? Kill it now. We practice our innately intelligent approach that merges the marketer and the machine, to give marketers the ability to do what they do best: set the framework, while the machine optimizes in a way that no human ever can.

These four principals create the foundation for great “relationship marketing”. Essentially, this entails how to maximize the value of each customer by using everything you know about them to deliver the most relevant messages and offers. I tested out the new approach on grandma. Am I sure she got it? Not really. But hey, she sure seemed proud.

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