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How Terminal X Achieved a 279% Uplift in Click Rates to Help Boost Sales  

Discover how Terminal X, a leading fashion eCommerce platform, leveraged Optimove's advanced CRM tools and micro-segmentation capabilities to achieve a 279% uplift in click rates and optimize marketing operations and business results.

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Why It Matters:

Learn how Terminal X improved overall average order value and increased profitability based on strategic initiatives that included increased pricing and minimum shipping requirements. 

The Big Picture:
  • Terminal X improved its overall business results with Optimove.  
  • The leading retailer used micro-segmentation and personalized messaging to know its customers better and improve campaign profitability. 

Terminal X, Israel’s pioneering multi-brand e-commerce platform fashion site, partnered with Optimove to enhance customer segmentation and personalization. 

The retailer is well known for its unique customer experience, offering 200+ brand names and next-day delivery options.  

To meet demands and deliver highly personalized messages, Terminal X needed easy access to customers’ first- and zero-party data. So, it turned to Optimove. 

The challenge 

Due to its demanding, fashion-forward customers, Terminal X sought a smart and innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to help it achieve its marketing goals.  

The retailer needed a Multi-Channel Marketing Hub (MMH) to improve email automation and deliver more relevant messages to customers.  

Customer targeting and improving campaign performance, while continuing to increase overall conversion rates, were key marketing objectives. 

The solution

Optimove’s robust segmentation capabilities and predictive behavior modeling empowered the Terminal X marketing team to realize the potential of its customer database and improve customer relationships.  

With Optimove, Terminal X was able to craft highly relevant messages and target specific customer segments – taking its CRM marketing to the next level. 

Below is an example of a recent personalized email marketing campaign featuring a bonus code:

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The results 

“Optimove’s platform has helped improve email automations and deliver more relevant messages to customers,” said Barak Zilberman, Head of Growth & Retention, Terminal X. 

“Integrating with Optimove has helped Terminal X to be agile and react to economic shifts while also optimizing our business and improving customer relationships.”  

After one year of using Optimove, Terminal X: 

  • Achieved a Click rate uplift of 279% in automated campaigns  
  • Managed to improve profitability despite economic shifts  
  • Ramped up monthly campaigns from 11 to 90 (a 718% increase in the wholesale division) 
  • Enhanced customer segmentation and improved messaging accuracy  
  • Successfully targeted customers with a higher lifetime value  
  • Filtered out less profitable customers for optimized business operations 

In summary 

Optimove empowered Terminal X to deliver personalized messages, retarget customer groups, and increase overall goals and retention efforts. 

Any B2C brand can leverage their customers’ real-time data to zero in on precise micro-segmentation, deliver personalized messages, and boost overall sales and retention marketing results.

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