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2024 Consumer Shopping Trends for Summer

The comprehensive analysis highlights summer shopping trends and behaviors, confirms all consumer shopping habits

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Why it Matters:

The Optimove Insights’ 2024 Consumer Summer Shopping Report provides essential insights for brands to meet and exceed consumers’ evolving shopping expectations. It emphasizes that consumer brands should have robust omnichannel capabilities, prioritize quality over price, focus on digital payments, and promote sustainability. By implementing these strategies, marketers can build deep, loyal customer relationships and effectively respond to evolving shopping behaviors.  

  1. Optimove Insights: 2024 Consumer Summer Shopping Report highlights the dominance of Research Online, Purchase In-Store (ROPIS), especially among Gen Z and Millennials.
  1. Digital payments are on the rise, with 22% of consumers preferring digital wallets, and quality remains a top priority over price for 77% of shoppers. 
  1. Omnichannel grows in importance as more than 8 in 10 consumers check prices online when shopping in-store. 
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Optimove Insights, the analytical and research arm of Optimove, has released its latest report, 2024 Consumer Summer Shopping Report.

This comprehensive analysis highlights a significant shift in consumer behavior towards Research Online, Purchase In-Store (ROPIS). This trend, led by Gen Z and Millennials, is reshaping summer shopping habits in the United States. The report also highlights current trends and behaviors shaping consumer shopping habits in the United States, particularly for summer shopping.

Key Highlights 

Shopping Patterns and Preferences by Product Category:  

  • Soft Goods: 82% of consumers prefer to shop both online and in-store.  
  • Hard Goods: 84% prefer to see products in person, though many also utilize online research.  
  • Beauty, Health, and Cosmetics: 79% prefer in-store shopping for these tactile products.  
  • Travel: Predominantly purchased online, with 86% of transactions occurring via the internet.  

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Omnichannel grows in importance in 2024 

  • Eighty-three percent (83%) of shoppers said they check prices at least “often” online when shopping in-store.  
  • Almost half (47%) say they check very often.  

These are just some insights from this year’s Summer Shopping Trends 2024 Survey.

The full report provides in-depth insights into consumers’ shopping habits this summer and beyond.

Report Methodology

The report is based on results from the Optimove 2024 Consumer Summer Shopping Survey that queried 307 U.S. citizens in April 2024. Respondents were 18-plus, 49% male/51% female (no respondents were non-binary or declined to answer), and household incomes were $75,000-plus.

For more detailed insights from the Mother’s Day 2024 Consumer Shopping Preferences Survey, download the report.

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