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Join Optimove at CRMC 2024, May 20-22: CEO Pini Yakuel Unveils the ‘Position-less Marketer’ Ensuring Career Success     

Optimove Sessions and Discussions will help marketers unlock transformative strategies, actionable insights, and the latest CRM trends from top industry leaders!

Take the next step with our CRM marketer evolution curve

Why it Matters:

Staying ahead of the competition is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving CRM marketing landscape. Join Optimove at CRMC 2024 for a workshop, case study exploration, and two lounge discussions that delve into cutting-edge CRM marketing trends that drive business growth. Marketing pros can learn how to guarantee career success from Optimove CEO, Pini Yakuel, as he presents The Position-less Marketer. 

The Big Picture:  
  • CRMC 2024, the premier retail marketing event of the year, is taking place at the Hilton Chicago between May 20 and May 22. 
  • Optimove will host sessions on leveraging AI for real-time marketing, personalized marketing journeys, along with discussions on insights into GenAI deployment and strategies for navigating early holiday shopping trends. 


Main Stage Intro: The Position-less Marketer 

Day 1: May 20 | 4:05pm | Grand Ballroom 

Speaker: Pini Yakuel, Optimove CEO and Founder

Learn how traditional marketing roles are evolving into an era of the “Position-less Marketer – the new power marketer. Position-less Marketers already leverage data analytics, embrace emerging technologies like GenAI, and foster a culture of adaptability within marketing teams. Position-less marketing is a marketer’s career roadmap to secure their position for a lifetime.  

The CRM Marketer Evolution’s Curve Guide 

Optimove and Paul Stuart Workshop: Getting Real…Time: How AI keeps marketing messages authentic, and in the moment for powerful customer interactions 

Day 1: May 20 | 10:45am | Williford Room B  

Speakers: Ben Tepfer, Director of Product Marketing at Optimove & Sazan Sela, CRM & Digital Marketing Manager at Paul Stuart

Explore the transformative potential of AI-powered real-time marketing and practical strategies for leveraging real-time data to engage customers effectively. From email welcome campaigns to cart abandonment, attendees will gain insights into implementing real-time listening and data integration for impactful marketing. Take advantage of this opportunity to harness the power of authentic, in-the-moment customer interactions that drive business success. 

Optimove and Blain’s Farm & Fleet Case Study: Puppy Love: Crafting Personalized Marketing Journeys for Puppy Parents 

Day 2: May 21 | 9:50am | Grand Ballroom

Speakers: Shai Frank, SVP of Product at Optimove and  Andrew Hendricks, Director, Digital Strategy & Marketing at Blain’s Farm & Fleet 

Discover how personalized messages create a special bond with customers in this heartwarming exploration of Blain’s Farm & Fleet’s personalized marketing journey tailored for puppy parents. Andrew and Shai uncover the unique journey that uses data-driven insights to craft tailored email content and offer personalized recommendations and exciting offers for new furry family members. They also reveal the automated campaign flow supporting puppy owners throughout their pet’s first year. Attendees will glean insights from a successful case study to elevate marketing strategies.  

The CRM Marketer Evolution’s Curve Guide 

Download this guide to learn about the 5 stages of a marketer’s evolution. Discover which level you are on and how you can move up.

Lounge Discussions: 

Topic #1: GenAI Deployment: Crafting Personalized Consumer Experiences through CRM Marketing 

Speaker: Eddie Patzsch, VP of Revenue at Optimove 

Gain actionable insights into the transformative potential of GenAI in reshaping CRM marketing strategies for retailers. The year 2023 marked the introduction of GenAI. Now, 2024 is the year of GenAI deployment. In this lounge discussion, attendees will learn how retailers deploy GenAI-powered CRM marketing strategies to create deeper, more personalized consumer experiences.  

Day 1: May 20 | Optimove Lounge 

3:00-3:25 pm  

Day 2: May 21 | Optimove Lounge 

10:55-11:20 am  

3:10-3:35 pm 

Topic #2: Navigating Early Holiday Shopping Trends: Strategies for Effective Campaign Management and Customer Engagement 

Speaker: Marleigh Sizemore, Senior Customer Success Manager at Optimove 

Consumer research shows that 50% of consumers begin their holiday shopping by the end of October. In this discussion, attendees will discover strategies for navigating early holiday shopping trends to maximize the impact of retail marketing, drive sales, and foster customer loyalty in the dynamic holiday shopping landscape. Plus, retail marketers will get insights on how to face the challenge of managing campaign frequency and relevance to prevent marketing fatigue.   

Day 1: May 20 | Optimove Lounge 

3:30-3:55 pm 

Day 2: May 21 | Optimove Lounge 

11:25-11:50 am 

3:40-4:05 pm  

In Summary: 

Join us at CRMC 2024 for two action-packed days filled with valuable insights from top-of-the-line CRM and marketing experts. Click here to register now.    

For more insights on Optimove, contact us to Request a Demo.   

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