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7 Tips to Keep Sports Bettors Engaged Following Their Favorite Team’s Elimination 

The Optimove Insights Euro 2024 Wagering Intentions Survey revealed a strong connection between bettors and their home team. But what happens when that team is eliminated?

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Why it Matters:

Keeping sports bettors engaged after their favorite team is eliminated helps maintain player loyalty and drive continuous interaction. By leveraging bettors’ emotional connections to teams and players, marketers can create targeted strategies to keep engagement high, ensuring bettors remain active and interested. This will ultimately boost revenue and foster long-term customer relationships. 

Key Takeaways:
  • Leverage bets on favorite individual players to maintain engagement after a favorite team is eliminated. 
  • Encourage bettors to support and bet on surrogate teams geographically or culturally close to their favorites. 
  • Utilize rivalries by promoting bets against disliked teams or players. 
  • Promote fantasy leagues and daily fantasy sports to provide year-round engagement opportunities. 
  • Offer off-season specials and personalized recommendations to keep bettors active and valued. 

Optimove Insights, the analytical and research division of Optimove, has released its comprehensive report titled “Optimove Insights: Report on Wagering Intentions for Euro 2024.” The report highlights the strong connection between bettors and their favorite teams among the many insights.  

An impressive 93% of bettors plan to wager on Euro games involving their national team, but 84% will still place bets on games even when their national team is not playing. This suggests there’s plenty operators can do to keep bettors engaged, even in the absence of their favorite team or player. 

This valuable insight, particularly ahead of the peak summer sports season, allows marketers to fine-tune their strategies and provides actionable strategies for maintaining engagement even when those teams and players are eliminated from contention. 

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Here are seven effective tips to keep sports bettors engaged even when their favorite team is out of the running. 

1. Promote Surrogate Teams 

When a bettor’s favorite team is eliminated, encourage them to support and bet on a surrogate team, especially those that are geographically or culturally close. For example, if a bettor’s favorite team is the Miami Dolphins and they are eliminated from contention, suggest they follow and bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars or Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This keeps excitement and engagement levels high, as bettors can still feel connected and involved in the ongoing tournament. 

This strategy ensures that bettors remain engaged throughout the season, regardless of the performance of their initial favorite teams.  

2. Tie Messages to Upcoming Major Sports Events 

Keep bettors engaged by shifting their focus to the next big sports event. When a bettor’s favorite team is eliminated, start sending personalized messages and promotions related to upcoming major sports events. For instance, if the NFL season is winding down, create excitement around events like the Super Bowl, the NBA playoffs, or major international competitions like the Euro 2024 or the Summer Olympics. 

By highlighting these events and offering early betting opportunities, special promotions, or previews of what’s to come, operators maintain the bettors’ interest and anticipation. This strategy builds a seamless transition between sports seasons, ensuring continuous interaction and loyalty. 

3. Highlight Individual Player Bets 

When a bettor’s favorite team is out of contention, shift the focus to individual players. Encourage bettors to place wagers on their favorite standout players for example, if their favorite player is Steph Curry, and the Warriors have been out of contention (while the regular season is being played), suggest bets on his performance in specific games or his achievements rather than a bet on the team. This keeps the excitement alive by allowing bettors to support their favorite athletes. 

Also, try identifying favorite players from other teams and offer bettors to wager on them and their team. 

4. Capitalize on Rivalries 

Leverage the power of sports rivalries to keep bettors engaged, and if their team has been eliminated, encourage them to place bets against rival teams or star players they dislike. For example, if someone’s a Steph Curry fan, it’s likely they have a strong opinion on Lebron James as well, and operators should capitalize on that with offers and promotions. 

This taps into their emotional investment in the sport. By betting against a rival team, bettors can still feel involved and passionate about the games, even if their favorite team is no longer playing. 

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5. Engage with Fantasy Leagues and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) 

Fantasy leagues and daily fantasy sports offer year-round engagement opportunities. Promote fantasy leagues or partner with DFS platforms to keep bettors interested. These platforms allow bettors to stay involved by creating and managing their fantasy teams based on individual player performances, ensuring they remain engaged throughout the off-season. 

6. Offer Off-Season Specials and Promotions 

Create special promotions and offers tailored for the off-season. This could include bonus bets, enhanced odds on certain events, or exclusive off-season tournaments. These promotions can incentivize bettors to stay active and continue placing bets, even when there are fewer live games to wager on. 

7. Send Personalized Recommendations 

Utilize data analytics to send personalized betting recommendations based on bettors’ preferences and past behavior. For instance, if a bettor frequently makes a wager on basketball, suggest bets on upcoming international basketball tournaments or highlight potential future stars. Personalized recommendations make bettors feel valued and keep them engaged with tailored content. 

In Summary – The Action Continues Without Their Favorite Team 

Engaging sports bettors during the off-season or after their team is eliminated requires knowing the bettor (customer). Deep data analytics and insights will unearth bettors’ individual preferences. With knowledge, sports betting operators can highlight individual player bets, capitalize on rivalries, promote fantasy sports, offer special promotions, and send personalized recommendations, operators can maintain players’ interest and loyalty. Implement these tips to keep sports bettors engaged and excited about their betting experience, no matter the season. 

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