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Kickstart Segmentation Using AI with Target Group Discovery   

AI Target Group Discovery can streamline the process of segmenting customers, optimizing campaigns, and deepening customer insights.

Take your customer segmentation to the next level with our advanced guide

Why it matters:
  • AI ensures precise targeting, optimizing campaigns for higher profits.
  • Using AI enables highly personalized campaigns, enhancing customer engagement.
  • AI Target Group Discovery empowers brands to kickstart segmentation and Customer-Led Marketing. 
The big picture:
  • AI-driven granular segments provide a comprehensive customer view.
  • OptiGenie-powered AI revolutionizes and speeds up segmentation.
  • Machine learning predicts customer behavior, making segmentation data-driven.

AI Accelerates Target Group Creation 

Now, it just takes seconds to discover who to target next. AI is the tool that accelerates segment creation alongside your data.  

This new reality is AI Target Group Discovery powered by OptiGenie.  

The Power of AI in Segmentation 

We have already seen how AI automates your campaign execution, perfectly orchestrating journeys or optimizing campaigns. Now, AI capabilities have been expanded to assist from the very start of the marketing workflow, eliminating guesswork to kickstart customer analysis. 

Now, AI can analyze, identify, and segment customers based on their likelihood to purchase, convert, or any other KPI using Machine Learning models. 

3 Ways AI Target Group Discovery Can Improve Your Marketing  

Whether you want to quickly deliver a campaign to reach your targets or need a starting point for customer exploration, AI Target Group Discovery gives you a kickstart. 

Guide to Advanced Customer Segmentation

Here’s how you can leverage AI-powered segments to achieve marketing success:  

#1 Hit targets with revenue-maximizing campaigns  

At the end of the quarter, CMOs have one thing in mind: hitting targets.  

In the past, the traditional route of sending out batch and blast campaigns in the hopes of some customers making a purchase may have failed. In turn, customer-led marketing becomes less of a priority.  

Now, with AI Target Group Discovery, you can ensure you hit those revenue targets without compromising on personalization.    

By instantly identifying customers that will hit revenue target key performance indicators (KPIs), all you have to do is create and execute your campaign.   

So, rather than blasting campaigns and hoping for the best, AI Target Group Discovery delivers on campaigns set up for success. 

#2 Optimize your promotional offering  

To optimize your marketing spend, send smaller promotions to customers with a high likelihood of converting and reserve larger ones for those less likely to convert. AI Target Group Discovery simplifies this strategy, automating segment creation with a single click. It eliminates burdening your data teams with the complexities of calculating predictions. This streamlined process saves resources and maximizes ROI. 

#3 Deepening customer insights 

AI Target Group Discovery can help you learn more about your customers. It finds the best way to segment customers based on their likelihood to convert, to discover relevant target customers. Once AI Target Group Discovery narrows down your target customer base, you are freed to create compelling, personalized messages. 

Perhaps you want to figure out what each customer’s favorite product is. From here, you can decide what content to send them or discover patterns in how various products impact a customer’s likelihood to buy. 

So, AI not only streamlines your workflow but also paves the way for more effective personalization. 

The Guide to Advance Customer Segmentation

Go in depth on advanced segmentation with this guide which was written based on analyzing tens of thousands of segments across Optimove’s customer base.

In Summary

As the opportunities with AI continue to grow for you and your business, now is the time to tap into its full potential. Go beyond optimizing A/B/n testing using Self-Optimizing Campaigns or orchestrating campaigns using Self-Optimizing Journeys. Start using AI Target Group Discovery from the very start of your workflow to guide your segmentation, save valuable time, and deliver better results. AI Target Group Discovery kickstarts segmentation and Customer-Led Marketing. 

If you want to learn more about how you can leverage AI to power your marketing with OptiGenie, talk to us.  

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Natalie Samuels

Natalie Samuels is a Product Marketing Specialist at Optimove, focusing on Customer Data & Reporting, Campaign Management, and Orchestration. Natalie holds a BSc in Politics and International Relations from the University of Bristol.