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The 2023 Heptagon Awards: Submit Your Nomination Now 

Optimove's "Heptagons" is an annual celebration of CRM Marketing excellence dedicated to the best campaigns, teams, and individuals who achieved exceptional results with their CRM Marketing efforts and strategies. And the best part? You get to submit the nominees.

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As we welcome the second half of 2023, we are proud to launch the third annual Heptagon Awards for CRM Marketing Excellence! “The Heptagons,” as they’ve come to be known, celebrate the most inspiring and successful CRM campaigns, teams, and marketers, putting the intersection of intelligence and creativity on a pedestal. 

And, as always, the competition is heavily impacted by the CRM brilliance that brands achieved while coping with new and ever-evolving challenges and a marketing landscape that seems to change every time marketers look away.  

We’ve introduced many upgrades and changes to our Customer-Led Marketing Platform as part of our quest to do more for our clients and marketers everywhere: more capabilities, more marketing channels, a new UI, and even a new, world-class Board member. We weren’t shy about celebrating those, nor should you shy away from celebrating your CRM excellence.  

First things first 

We have a few “firsts” this year – like holding the awards ceremony in person, at our premier user conference, Optimove Connect, in Tel Aviv this October 25. If you haven’t already, register here

Another first? We’ve added 2 awards for Best Email Campaign and Best Mobile Campaign as part of the Campaign Awards category. 

And the last first: we’ve broken down the individual awards by seniority: Juniors, Mid-levels, and Senior/Leadership. So whether you’re a baby rock-star or a well-known legend, everyone has a chance!  

Submit a Nominee 

Last year, sifting through dozens and dozens of submissions across three categories, we dove deep into the numbers of the +500 brands our clients operate and came back with a list of 5 nominees for each award. This year we expect to work even harder and besides adding a new award (see list below), we kept the most fun part: YOU get to submit nominees! 

And this is where you do it. 

Nominations for the 2023 awards are now open and will close on August 23, 2023. So, you know, take your time but not too much time… 

Here’s some more detail to help you get a better idea about the different categories and awards. 

One-upping last year’s Heptagons, there are 11 awards in 3 main categories: 

Campaign Awards 

We all dream of that perfect campaign. We constantly strive to create messages that connect with our customers on a deeper level. The Campaign Awards category honors those extraordinary campaigns which start with the customer to gain loyalty for life. 

The Campaign category honors the best work produced this year with the following three awards: 

  • Multichannel Campaign of the Year 
  • Best Use of AI for Marketing Orchestration 
  • Campaign of Highest Impact Best Email Campaign (NEW) 
  • Best Email Campaign (NEW) 
  • Best Mobile Campaign (NEW) 
  • Best Digital Experience (NEW) 

Team Awards 

We all know it takes a village to raise just one campaign, let alone tens, hundreds, or thousands! CRM marketers excel when individuals and teams are perfectly aligned and the marketing ecosystem works as a well-oiled machine. The Team Awards category reminds us that as a team, we are greater than the sum of our parts. 

The Team category honors the best work produced this year with the following three awards: 

  • CRM Team of the Year 
  • Martech Ecosystem of the Year 

Individual Awards 

We all have our time to shine. Sometimes, as team players, we are able not only to play our part but to step up and inspire others to create that genuine connection that starts with the customer. It is precisely these individuals, in those key moments, who make the difference between great and brilliant. The Individual Awards category recognizes the brilliance among us. 

The Individual category honors the best work produced this year with the following three awards: 

  • CRM Executive of the Year 
  • CRM Marketer of the Year 
  • CRM Rising Star  

To learn even more about each award, click here

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