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Deliver More with SMS – Say Hello to OptiText

With two strategic acquisitions in 2022, Optimove added both mobile marketing channels and real-time personalization to create the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform. Optimove is kicking off 2023 with the addition of SMS, a crucial channel for all marketers, and delivering on our commitment to an all-in-one platform.

Today customers want to be treated as individuals, not just numbers on an Excel spreadsheet. They have come to expect a personalized digital marketing approach and experience from their preferred brands. One key element in personalization is understanding the channels customers prefer. SMS is certainly one of these. According to Forrester, “significant customer engagement is the top reason marketers use SMS. One-third of consumer brands say that personalization is their number one priority. It, therefore, stands to reason that more businesses than ever are planning to introduce SMS marketing to their digital arsenal in 2023.” 

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Since the very beginning, Optimove has focused on helping marketers build marketing campaigns that start with the customer. That means combining unified data from its Customer Data Platform (CDP) with AI-led orchestration to deliver more engaging and memorable customer experiences. To that end, adding SMS to our integrated platform, comprising email, web, and mobile channels; boosts marketers’ ability to create, deliver, and scale hyper-personalized customer journeys. 

Why is SMS so Important? 

For starters, SMS is the simplest channel to deliver messages to your customers. You only need a short text message, with no need for design resources or intensive content creation. It is also one of the most effective forms of real-time marketing, allowing you to react quickly to customer behavior and activity as it happens. SMS enhances the customer journey, driving engagement, cultivating loyalty, and increasing lifetime value. In short, adding SMS to your marketing stack means you can meet your customers anywhere and anytime, even on the move, providing a truly holistic experience that customers love. 

And the stats back it up: 

  • “SMS open rates are as high as 98%” 
  • “60% of customers read texts within 1-5 minutes of receiving them” 
  • “SMS marketing click-through rates for e-commerce brands, are as high as 36%” (G2 “46 SMS Marketing Statistics Your Customers Wish You Knew”) 

Why SMS with Optimove? 

OptiText (our native SMS) makes it easy for marketers to elevate their SMS marketing as an integral part of a greater marketing strategy. Allowing them to start capitalizing on the benefits of native SMS in one integrated platform.  

Maybe more importantly, OptiText allows marketers to streamline campaigns by consolidating all their marketing efforts into one multichannel platform and more: 

  • Improve efficiency by effortlessly creating, orchestrating, and measuring SMS campaigns as part of real-time customer journeys combined with all other marketing channels 
  • Better leverage first-party customer data stored in Optimove’s CDP to deliver more personalized SMS campaigns  
  • Save time creating SMS campaigns by doing so directly within Optimove’s all-in-one platform 
  • Measure the incremental impact of every SMS campaign, based upon business KPIs, going beyond vanity metrics such as opens and clicks 
  • OptiText allows you to create SMS segmentation seamlessly while streamlining your campaigns into one integrated platform.

Bottom line  

SMS is a crucial element in your digital marketing mix. OptiText will streamline resources and improve workflow efficiency by consolidating all marketing efforts onto one multichannel platform. It will allow you to create, orchestrate, and measure personalized SMS campaigns alongside all other marketing channels. 

In short, a truly holistic customer experience that delivers deeper engagement, stronger customer loyalty, and improved business performance overall.  

Already an Optimove customer? – reach out to your customer success manager to get started.  

And let’s make 2023 one of our best years yet! 

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Rony Vexelman

Rony Vexelman is Optimove’s VP of Marketing. Rony leads Optimove’s marketing strategy across regions and industries. Previously, Rony was Optimove's Director of Product Marketing leading product releases, customer marketing efforts and analyst relations. Rony holds a BA in Business Administration and Sociology from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.