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What Your Multichannel Marketing Hub Should Be Doing for You – Part II

A Multichannel Marketing Hub is essential to create, execute, and orchestrate campaigns across all channels. It gives you the flexibility to increase the granularity of customer journeys and expand to multiple channels. How can it drive growth? Find out more here

Welcome to the second part of this two-part mini-series, which will explore the advantages of a Multichannel Marketing Hub (MMH) and ways it can help your business.  

MMHs are essential for brands to increase the performance of different channels significantly, harmoniously use them, and maximize the value they produce.   

In the first part of this mini-series, we discussed four of the five main benefits according to the Forrester report, The Total Economic Impact of Optimove

In this second part, we explore the fifth benefit: the flexibility an MMH provides. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it. 

The Power of Flexibility  

What kind of flexibility does an MMH provide? Flexibility in an MMH means that the platform can quickly adapt to changing marketing needs, incorporate new channels, and provide a tailored and personalized customer experience.  

A flexible MMH allows users to easily integrate new channels, such as social media or mobile messaging, and adjust their marketing campaigns accordingly. 

Flexibility also means that the MMH can be easily customized to meet the specific requirements of a company’s marketing strategy. This includes creating personalized customer experiences across different channels, automating marketing workflows, and analyzing customer data in real time. 

Finally, with MMHs, brands gain flexibility when analyzing customer data and behavior across various channels, such as email, social media, and website activity. They can then pick up on trends and customer preferences and tailor their marketing campaigns accordingly. 

MMH benefit # 1 – Increases the granularity of customer journeys 

MMHs provide brands with the flexibility to increase the granularity of customer journeys and deepen customer understanding and engagement.  

For example, with an MMH, brands can personalize campaigns and journeys based on customer preference and purchase behaviors – like product and channel preference.  

In the Forrester report mentioned above, The Total Economic Impact of Optimove, a director of CRM marketing from a retailer said: “We are working with Optimove’s professional services team to define more customer journeys by product categories. By doing this, we hope to be a brand that customers want to follow, engage with, and get excited by.” 

MMH benefit # 2 – Expanding to multiple channels 

With an MMH, brands can expand their marketing activities to multiple channels and control all their marketing channels in one place, including social media, email, mobile, web, and offline channels. 

Not only does this save brands time and money, it can also generate insights into campaign performance and customer behavior in real time. 

Optimove does more than offer diverse channels to execute brands’ strategies. The Optimove platform will orchestrate and optimize marketing campaigns harmoniously to engage the customer, preventing campaigns from cross firing and ensuring each touch point with the customer is relevant and personalized. 

MMH benefit # 3 – A 360-degree view 

By using an MMH, marketing departments gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences across various channels.  

The longer a brand uses an MMH, the better data analytics becomes. Marketers can then understand and interact with every customer in the most personalized and effective way. 

With Optimove, brands can access a 360-degree view or a single customer view of their entire user base. This essential component enables organizations to obtain a complete and accurate picture of each customer and their interactions with the company.  

The Grand Finale 

Bottom line? Multichannel marketing can provide a higher ROI for brands because it allows them to reach a wider audience and engage with customers through multiple touchpoints, resulting in increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales.  

By using multiple channels such as social media, email, and advertising, brands can create a seamless customer experience and maximize their chances of converting prospects into customers. 

These attractive benefits (and more) can be added to your brand’s vast marketing capabilities by incorporating Optimove’s MMH.  

Be sure to refer back to the first part of this mini-series for the first four benefits that an MMH offers. 

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