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What Your Multichannel Marketing Hub Should Be Doing for You – Part I 

There’s so much Multichannel Marketing Hubs can do for your business. They provide visibility into the implementation of your overall marketing plan and significantly improve the quality of marketing decisions. Today, we’ll explore the first four (out of five) MMH benefits per Forrester

Welcome to the first part of this two-part mini-series, where we discuss all the beautiful things a Multichannel Marketing Hub (MMH) can do for your business. 

A multichannel marketing strategy allows businesses to reach their target audience through multiple channels, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion. It also helps to improve brand awareness, customer loyalty, and ROI by diversifying the marketing mix and reaching customers at different stages of their buying journey. 

An MMH helps brands personalize their marketing messages for each customer across channels like web, email, mobile, text, social, and more on every campaign and customer touchpoint. Having the ideal hub to support all your multichannel marketing needs is crucial to the success of your business. 

But don’t just take our word for it. The benefits of implementing a multichannel marketing strategy are outlined in Forrester’s report, The Total Economic Impact of Optimove. The global research company interviewed six representatives at four organizations with experience using Optimove.  

So, check out the benefits they describe and ask yourself; do you have all these things right now? 

The benefits of an MMH, according to Forrester – Where does your brand stand? 

Visibility of your overall marketing plan  

Your brand gains a holistic view of your marketing strategy with a smart MMH. In turn, you get a comprehensive understanding of your efforts across all channels – allowing you to make more informed marketing decisions and yield better results. 

According to the Forrester report, Optimove enabled marketing teams to generate more campaigns and stay on top of large volumes.  

For instance, the VP of analytics at a telecommunications firm said, “Optimove allows us to manage the 70 markets we have to deal with weekly.” 

Quality of your marketing decisions 

An MMH, like Optimove, provides advanced capabilities such as predictive modeling and AI-powered decisioning to identify patterns and trends in your data that may not be immediately apparent. 

Besides improving efficiency, interviewees acknowledged that the ability to make more informed marketing decisions was beneficial.  

The senior CRM manager from a gaming company said, “Optimove is invaluable in how it gives us the ability to figure out where something is wrong and how to fix it.” 

Supported social media and search targeting 

With a smart MMH, you can manage your social media and search campaigns by creating, scheduling, and optimizing your campaigns across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Also, your TikTok and Snapchat ads can be more personalized than ever before. This ensures you gain the most (relevant) exposure while saving you time and ensuring consistency in your messaging and branding.

The director of marketing, CRM, and loyalty at a retail industry said, “We’ve used Optimove for creating target groups and lookalike segments that we can export and push into channels like Facebook, Instagram, and paid search.” 

Efficiency of other channels 

One of the key benefits of an MMH is that it efficiently manages other marketing channels beyond social media by providing tools for tracking and measuring your results.  

Since direct mail is a much more expensive channel than email, using Optimove’s segmentation capabilities allowed the interviewees’ companies to be more personal in sending out direct mail.  

The head of communications at an insurance company said: “We need to be more selective with who we want to target through direct mail because we want to target higher-value customers. Within Optimove, we can easily access that data to send to customers above a certain value.” 


(Watch this space – to be discussed in the second part of this mini-series!) 

Maximizing results with Optimove 

After the investment in Optimove, the interviewees orchestrated campaigns across multiple channels, automated and personalized campaigns efficiently, and analyzed results and customer data to improve marketing outcomes. We should mention at this point that the total ROI of Optimove, as measured by Forrester, is 578%. To download the complete Forrester report, click here.

Stay tuned for the next and final part of this mini-series, where we’ll explain more about gaining flexibility through an MMH and how it can take your business to the next level. 

Did you know? 

Your brand, too, can start engaging hundreds of segments with personalized messages across any channel while avoiding broken journeys and campaign crossfire. To learn more, request a demo

Published on updated April 11th, 2023

Dafna Sheinberg

Dafna is a creative marketing content writer and editor who produces strategic content for various online industries. With over ten years of professional writing experience, she helps brands grow and increase profitability, efficiency, and online presence. Dafna holds a B.A. in Persuasive Communications from Reichman University (IDC Herzliya).