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7% of Women in Tech are VP of Engineering: Tips from One Who Made It 

Just in time for International Women's Day, Optimove's very own VP of Engineering, Rachel Shehori, provides insight into her accomplishments as a female leader in a male-dominated tech space and offers useful tips for women looking to make a career in tech

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Over the last two years, the percentage of women in all tech-related careers has decreased. Women currently only hold 26.7% of tech-related jobs and also report a significant gender pay gap. 

According to a recent Cord article, among all engineers in the tech industry, 81.7% are male, 18.2% are female, and 0.08% are non-binary. According to Mckinsey’s Women in the Workplace 2021 report, women hold only 34% of entry-level engineering and product roles and just 26% of first-level manager positions, compared with 48% of entry-level roles and 41% of first-level manager positions in the pipeline overall. 

As 2023 gains momentum, there is plenty of room for change, where girls and women across the globe should aspire and be able to make it big in tech. 

At Optimove, we take Diversity and Inclusion issues seriously as we continue to learn, improve, and educate ourselves and others about the importance and benefits of a diverse, inclusive, and tolerant culture. Recently, we were named a top-10 startup in Diversity and Inclusion by Power in Diversity for the second consecutive year.  

At Optimove, women comprise 40% of our global headcount, 37% of the management roles, and 43% of senior management. We’re nowhere near done, but we’re proud to be a leader on this issue, helping change happen. 

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we stopped to chat with Optimove’s VP of Engineering, Rachel Shehori. Rachel, a true inspiration for aspiring female leaders, shares her remarkable insights into navigating the challenges and breaking barriers as a successful woman in the field. 

How unique is Rachel? According to Zippia, over 69,089 vice presidents of engineering are currently employed in the United States, 93% of whom are men. 

Rachel joined Optimove in April 2019 as VP of R&D. She holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science, Math, and Physics from Tel Aviv University and an Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate from Stanford University. 

Before joining Optimove, Rachel held various positions at leading tech organizations and was an R&D Consultant for an Aerospace Solutions and Engineering company.  

Here she offers her words of wisdom. 

#1 – “Be good at what you do.” 

There is no replacement for that.  

Being excellent at what you do is a critical success factor in any industry, whether you’re a designer, engineer, doctor, or lawyer. However, it’s imperative in the highly competitive tech field.  

So, stay focused on making yourself the best version– professionally and personally. Aim to be a true expert in your area of expertise. Identify your role’s essential skills and abilities and invest time and effort into them. And always continue to learn and master your craft. 

# 2 – “…But it’s all about balance!” 

Do your best, but moderation is key.  

You can’t always be the best at everything you do in life. Everyone goes through different phases where some aspects need to be given priority over others, and you’re allowed to turn your focus on these different things accordingly. 

Sometimes it will be putting all your efforts towards your profession, and other times it will be into your personal life. 

Just know what to put the focus and effort on and when to be successful in all parts. 

#3 – “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women,” – Madeleine Albright 

Former United States Secretary of the State’s profound insights and determination to bring other women to the table and urge men to make room and support their careers created a decisive leadership for women. 

You need to help create a support system, especially in male-dominated industries. Future generations need to support and encourage women to enter and grow in the tech industry and work twice as hard to make it. 

#4 – “Speak your mind.” 

Leadership is about talking when everyone else is quiet.  

As a woman in tech and senior engineering positions, speaking up on all matters you feel are important is key. You have an opinion, so let it be heard. That is how you make a difference. 

Women sometimes tend to shy away from speaking up in male-dominated fields. It’s crucial to share your ideas and perspectives and be confident in your abilities. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges, either. 

# 5 – “Just be yourself.” 

There’s a lot of pressure on women to be the best at all times in all things. Whether that be at home as a parent or partner. There’s pressure to look good, maintain a social life, and have a successful career. 

But it’s so important to stay true to yourself to succeed. Don’t try to change your ways or find new hobbies to blend in. Just be you. Do you! 

It’s clear that traditionally, women have been underrepresented in the tech industry, particularly in engineering and other technical positions. But today, there are strong, talented, and highly capable women establishing themselves as leaders in the industry, paving the way for women everywhere to build successful careers in the tech world.  

Thanks to Rachel and other women like her, tech’s future belongs to women as much as men, and perhaps even more so.  

Happy International Women’s Day! 

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