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The Optimove (updated and upgraded) Promise in Plain Words

To empower brand-customer relationships, to free up marketers to focus on what they are great at, to get customers to purchase repeatedly with their preferred brands, and to help marketing teams from A-Z. Three years since the first time we posted our "promise in plain words," we present you with a more high-level, top-down updated (and upgraded) approach

Three years ago. Remember three years ago? When Corona was nothing more than a beer and the Swedish currency? When WFH was something you did because the kid was a little under the weather and didn’t go to school? When “curbside pickup” was, well, something no one would say, like, ever?

It was also the last time we used this platform to describe, in plain words, the Optimove promise. And boy, have things evolved since.

Originally, we wrote that “it seems that with all of the buzzwords in marketing technology, it is nearly impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff.”

That’s why we felt the need to publish such a blog post in the first place, adding that “it has become almost impossible to really understand who does what and why. Endless promises fuelled by seemingly infinite venture capital money has driven so much noise that it seems a whole class of marketers has – rightfully so – become intellectually numb.”

Sure, these statements still hold even now, some insane 37 months later. But the reason we think the time has come to refresh that original blog post from February 2019 is because of how WE have changed and evolved.

And so, if three years ago our article focused on “what are the ‘jobs’ Optimove helps marketers with,” today we want to take you through a more holistic, overarching top-down approach – that better represents our position as a one-stop-shop industry leader, with happy enterprise clients.

But, as always, try our best to do it in words our beloved grandparents would understand. And 4 parts. So, without further ado: the Optimove promise.

Part One: We empower companies to build customer relationships

Marketing used to be all about advertising and branding. About making sure people are aware of your business. But, as competition grew, technology advanced, and customers’ expectations evolved, nowadays, companies can no longer rely solely on “pre-purchase” marketing (aka acquisition). These days, they must invest heavily in ensuring that every acquired/existing customer develops a connection with their brand, which leads to repeat visits and purchases. Without nurturing repeat purchases, almost no company can even survive.

Developing that kind of customer relationship starts by giving customers the feeling that the brand knows them. And so the brand must provide a customer experience that is “personalized.” This is achieved by making sure your communications with each customer are always relevant, helpful, and matched to their personal preferences and needs. Customers do not appreciate being on the receiving end of too many messages (emails, SMS, notifications), and they do not care for conflicting or irrelevant offers.

The only way brands can offer such personalized experiences to each customer is by using technology to match customer messages based on data. That technology is at the heart of what Optimove does.

Part Two: We help marketers do more of what they are great at

To achieve a high level of personalization, marketers must conceive enough marketing content to be able to connect with customers with original, relevant, and helpful messages at any touchpoints.

Luckily, being the creative, customer-obsessed creatures that they are, this is exactly what they are good at, what they want to do, and what they are being paid for.

But, creating lots of great marketing content isn’t enough. When a brand aims to achieve a higher level of personalization, marketers must also have access to customer data and the tools that would enable them to put that data into use when creating marketing plans and strategies (i.e., campaigns).

Unfortunately, marketers do not have such access and tools at most companies, so they need to spend way too much time doing manual work that technology should be doing for them.

Not to mention trying to strategize and plan for any possible customer preference and step. These are things humans just can’t do because they include countless calculations. That’s exactly what technology is for.

At Optimove, we understand that. The way we see it, giving human marketers the tools that free them from repetitive, manual, unscalable work and the technology to scale their creative work – is how marketers can focus on the things humans do best and flourish.

In other words: marketers without Optimove can be Tony Stark. It’s our technology that makes them Iron Man.

Part Three: We help companies get customers to come back more often

Once a company acquired a customer, it now has some “customer data,” such as name, email address, and purchase history. As we said in Part One above, we use that data to enable the company to show its customers that the brand “knows” them – in a good, helpful, non-creepy, totally-privacy-compliant way.

Because, again, providing customers with a personalized experience is at the heart of building long-term, meaningful customer relationships. In other words, in getting them to come back and shop with that brand repeatedly.

That’s the “psychic” behind it. But what does it actually look like? Here’s an example:

Imagine two customers making their first-ever order from the same website on the same day. Imagine both having their birthday precisely a week later. Imagine the brand has two recurring campaigns set in place: one for a week after a customer’s first purchase, sending them some “how is your product?” message with a promotion. And a birthday message, with a different promotion.

Now imagine you’re the marketer needing to PREDICT which customers will react better to which of the campaigns. Should customer A receive the one-week message and customer B the birthday one? Or, maybe both should get both? WHO KNOWS?

Well, our AI knows!

Letting our machine learning-based predictive analytics algorithms decide which message to send to which customer at each touchpoint is the only way to ensure each customer receives the message that will most likely get them to click and make another visit and/or purchase.

That’s it. Of course, there are endless scenarios, such as the one-week/birthday one. The machine eats them for breakfast – making sure the brand is only sending the most effective, personalized messages, not annoying its customers, and maximizing the chances of gaining more revenue.

Part Four: We help marketing teams from A-Z

Lastly, we know that to achieve the brilliant Retention/Relationship Marketing results that our amazing clients are capable of with our technology at their side – they would love it all to happen in one place. One platform. One login. One interface. From the data to the analysis, from the creation to the execution – and everything in, around, and between.

That’s exactly why Optimove has grown over the years from a smart/actionable Customer Data Platform to add an industry-leading AI-based message/campaign orchestrator to now a becoming one-stop-shop also providing the full sit of execution marketing channels on top.

And that’s basically it – at least when it comes to the basics. Notice how we didn’t write “Journey,” “Realtime,” “Segmentation,” or “Customer Lifetime Value” even once? How’s that for “avoiding buzzwords”?

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