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Transforming Retention Marketing, Again: Optimove Integrates with DoubleClick by Google

Optimove’s latest integration empowers brands to harness the power of Optimove technology on Google media platforms for targeting existing customers.

Effective retention marketing relies on targeting many small segments of customers with highly relevant and personal messages and offers. This personalized approach, which works across every stage of each customer’s journey, maximizes customer satisfaction, engagement and revenue.

Marketers are successfully using multiple channels to hyper-target their existing customers, whether through email, push notifications or realtime in-app messaging. The biggest challenges for harnessing paid online advertising channels in this manner have been determining which customers to include in which ad audiences, and then updating dozens or hundreds of different audience lists on a daily basis, in tune with each customer’s most recent behavior signals.

Optimove’s new integration with DoubleClick by Google provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Optimove now fully automates seamless integration between its daily, granular customer segmentation and DoubleClick audience management. Brands using Optimove can now leverage the software’s predictive segmentation, targeting and analysis capabilities to power hyper-personalized advertising campaigns that really move the needle across Google media platforms.

Optimove addresses these fundamental retention marketing challenges as part of its core functions: the software allows marketers to identify and manage large numbers of highly granular, behavior-based micro-segments of customers and it then automatically updates the customers in each audience list, every day. Updating the lists daily maximizes customer response rates, by always targeting each customer with the most relevant messages and incentives, given each customer’s most recent activity.

Since Optimove runs every campaign as a marketing experiment (analyzing the resulting spend patterns of test and control groups), it accurately reports the financial gain generated by every campaign. This addresses the important additional challenge of how to measure the financial uplift (and ROI) of campaigns run through these channels, both for stand-alone campaigns and for those run in support of concurrent campaigns on other channels.

This is Optimove’s second integration with a major paid advertising platform. In March 2014, Optimove launched its automated integration with Facebook Custom Audiences, a channel that rapidly became dominant for customer marketing among Optimove’s users: during the course of the following year, marketers used Optimove to serve more than 1.1 billion personalized Facebook ad impressions to their existing customers. Accounting for 43% of all customer communications delivered by Optimove in 2015, it was the most used channel, slightly surpassing even email.

Marketers want to reach their customers where they are, and much of users’ screen time is spent on Facebook, Twitter or surfing the Web, where Google’s media platforms dominate. Now, marketers using Optimove can show specific creatives to small segments of their customers on another paid advertising channel – and accurately measure the financial uplift generated by each campaign.

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