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Introducing the Optimove Academy

Optimove Academy

Optimove’s team of data scientists, analysts and developers has years of experience working with hundreds of online companies, analyzing their customer data and formulating winning retention plans. This extensive knowledge positions us as experts in the field of data-driven retention marketing, and a reliable source of “best practices” in areas such as customer segmentation, highly targeted multi-channel customer marketing, campaign performance analysis, campaign optimization and other retention-related disciplines.

We decided that it is time to collect this knowledge in one place and share it with our customers. To this end, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Optimove Academy! This valuable online resource provides Optimove users with articles, presentations, video tutorials and recorded webinars about customer retention in general, and specifically how to maximize their use of Optimove to achieve their marketing goals.

There are three main ideas behind the Academy:

  1. To make sure that Optimove users discover all the power that the software offers them, and to easily learn how to get the most out of every feature and capability.
  2. To help advance Optimove users to become power users, by deeply understanding the concepts that underlie the software’s technologies, approaches and methodologies.
  3. To help make good marketers into savvy and sophisticated retention marketers who drive their business forward by leveraging their existing customer base – by combining their marketing art with the science of data modeling, segmentation and statistical analysis.

In other words, the Academy is an excellent way for new Optimove users to quickly get up to speed with the software, while also helping existing users continue to improve and become more effective.

In an effort to make using the Optimove Academy as intuitive and easy as possible for our users, we are now adding links within the software to the Academy resources most relevant for the activities they are performing. Also, we are planning to implement a system that will email users relevant Academy content based on their usage of the software.

We will be adding new resources to the Academy on a regular basis.

My team and I have invested a lot of hard work and love into making the Academy a reality and we hope that our customers will find great benefit in it!

I would like to mention that the Optimove Academy, and many other efforts in which we are involved, are part of our greater goal to educate our clients (and the entire marketing industry) about the importance of data-driven retention marketing and the best ways to succeed at it. When marketers are taking advantage of the best technologies, the best tools and the best practices, they are bound to set new records of customer marketing success!

Check out the Optimove Academy here.

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