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Here’s The Tool That Unlocks Personalization-at-Scale Management

Introducing an innovative solution that empowers marketing teams to scale their personalization efforts, and as a result, increase customer retention and lifetime value

If you ask around, people would most likely think that branding and advertising are sexier aspects of marketing than Relationship Marketing (CRM Marketing). And while we strongly disagree, it might be that way because the daily task of measuring and monitoring countless campaigns to hundreds of customer segments is not the glitzy stuff they make movies about.

For years, marketing team leads have struggled to manage and analyze campaigns effectively and at scale. That’s why one of Optimove’s main goals has always been to alleviate their struggles by providing relationship marketers with transparency and insight into their marketing strategy’s impact in the most intuitive, friendly, and comprehensive way possible.

And now, we’re taking it to the next level.
But first, some background.

The Legacy of the Marketing Plan

For the past ten years, Optimove did this – provided visibility into all campaigns’ performance – with the Marketing Plan. This solution allowed marketers to monitor and analyze past campaigns and strategize future ones as they developed their personalization approach and established CRM journey-orchestration rules.

Over time, Optimove kept releasing more and more features and solutions – all aimed to empower marketing teams to scale their personalization efforts. Ranging from a suite of customer data explorers, which allows teams to easily discover customer insights on their own, to Optibot, the AI-powered assistant that surfaces valuable actionable opportunities, allowing teams to go from tens to hundreds of segments.

But as capabilities and requirements grew, so did the challenges and limitations of the Marketing Plan itself.

As marketers began to scale their personalization efforts to also include realtime campaigns, it became impossible to manage campaigns relying on manual management and orchestration alone. To solve this, Optimove launched the innovative AI-based Self-Optimizing Journey. This was a new dimension that the original Marketing Plan could no longer adequately support.

Here’s why: Optimove’s Self-Optimizing Journey – a breakthrough by its own right – orchestrates hundreds of multichannel campaigns, ensuring that each customer receives the most adequate and personalized campaign out of all campaigns they are eligible for. Therefore, eliminating the need to worry about cross-firing, under-exposure, or over-exposure – ultimately maximizing customer lifetime value.

But, its side effect was that the Marketing Plan, which displayed campaigns by order of priority, no longer presented the most accurate and accessible view into the entire CRM strategy’s performance.

It was clear that an upgrade was needed.

Introducing the Mission Control

And so an upgrade did come. Now, Optimove releases the all-new Mission Control, a completely fresh approach to replace the old Marketing Plan. The Mission Control complements our existing suite of data explorers AND the innovative Self-Optimizing Journey by allowing the entire marketing organization to understand how campaigns are performing at any level – easily.

By smartly combining multichannel realtime and scheduled campaigns in a single screen, marketing leads and their teams gain complete insight into their marketing activities, enabling them to analyze past performance, monitor current campaigns, and plan future events.

Additionally, Optimove’s AI will highlight optimization opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed, directly from the Mission Control. At your service!

The Mission Control maximizes marketing performance by providing marketing leads, and any other stakeholder, with greater control and transparency into all the relevant information.

The new page is fully customizable, allowing any user to seamlessly add, remove, rearrange, or group data in any way. Therefore, empowering any type of user to get the information they need in a digestible manner.

For example, marketing leads will be able to easily view the impact of their CRM strategies on any chosen KPI and set goals by reviewing past performance during a specific time. At the same time, CRM managers will be able to just as quickly identify and adjust ineffective campaigns or ones that have no customers included in their target group due to other campaigns with a higher priority – and act on based on it.

Personalization-at-Scale. Like Never Before

As Optimove constantly rolls out new innovative solutions to support advanced marketers in their efforts to scale personalization and optimize marketing orchestration, the Mission Control is a significant step for our clients and for us.

With the new approach, marketing leads and their teams will be able to fully utilize all of the benefits of true personalization-at-scale like no other.

We at Optimove are very excited about it and are confident that our users will be too. Hack, it’s such a sleek, innovative solution that maybe next time they make a movie about marketers, it will be about a CRM manager.

Reach out to learn more!

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Shai Frank

Shai Frank serves as the SVP of Product and GM of the Americas at Optimove. Since his start in 2018, Shai has played a pivotal role in shaping the vision, strategy, and roadmap for Optimove’s product portfolio. Under his leadership, the product department is designing and delivering innovative customer-led marketing solutions that have been instrumental in elevating the success of Optimove’s clients. Shai brings a wealth of experience from nearly 20 years in product leadership and management across various industries. He holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University in Israel.