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Experts Share Insights on GenAI in Marketing  

How tapping into the power of generative AI enables marketers to expand skillsets, drive efficiency, and reduce costs at scale

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Why it Matters:

Today’s marketers are constantly looking for ways to harness the enormous potential of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to help them meet their customer engagement and efficiency goals.  

This blog post provides insights from three senior marketing experts about GenAI strategies and tactics that ensure teams outperform their skillset and drive efficient campaigns. 

Key Takeaways:
  • Inspiring the Position-less Marketer 

GenAI is not a wholesale replacement for the work of agencies. But it does empower teams to step out of their traditional skillset, be more creative, and make a bigger impact as Position-less Marketers.

  • Driving operational costs way down

By taking on routine, repetitive, and often menial tasks, GenAI helps marketing teams significantly reduce operational costs.

  • Transforming marketing campaigns with scalable efficiency

GenAI can generate engaging copy for marketing campaigns at scale, enabling hourly updates of relevant, personalized messages — revolutionizing marketing operations with unprecedented efficiency.

  • GenAI requires education

Education and training are required to optimize GenAI outputs and impact.   

  • Optimove elevates marketing with GenAI  

Optimove enables GenAI-powered insights within seconds, without any data science expertise and no SQL required, so marketers can create and launch better performing campaigns that increase customer lifetime value.


At Connect 2024, the Optimove user conference which took place in London, three expert marketers joined Rony Vexelman, Optimove’s VP of Marketing to talk about marketing in the age of GenAI:  

  • Paul Sephton, Head of Brand Communications at Jabra, maker of audio equipment and videoconferencing systems;  
  • Mantas Ratomskis, Head of Product Marketing, Kilo Health, a provider of digital health and wellness products and services; 
  • Eduardo Remedios, VP of iGaming at Symphony Solutions, a software provider of custom iGaming, healthcare, and airline solutions 

During the session they shared strategic insights about how technology can help marketers to expand the team’s skillset, reduce costs, optimize efficiencies, and do it all at scale. 

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GenAI powers the Position-less Marketer  

The panelists agreed that the aspiration for the wholesale replacement of agencies, copywriters, and other creatives with GenAI is not realistic. 

Paul Sephton noted that GenAI can empower marketing teams, as it does his, to step out of their traditional skillset, be more creative, reach their multipotentiality, and make a bigger impact. This is what being a Position-less Marketer is all about. 

For example, with the of help GenAI, those who are neither copywriters nor designers on the Jabra marketing team are now empowered with GenAI to draft the first round of copy or communications storyboarding.  

“I think when it comes to how we’ve been deploying GenAI, it’s essentially like a new language of creativity that the team’s been able to use.”  

Doing more with less 

In addition to GenAI being the force behind expanding one’s skillset, it takes on many menial, mundane, but necessary tasks that can irritate marketers. 

For example, if there’s an asset that was created by a copywriter, with the help of GenAI anyone on the team can then take up the task to adapt this content to social and emails for outbound communications.  

And they can even run the translation for localization into dozens of different languages, at unprecedented ease and speed. 

The impact is previously unattainable process and cost efficiency. 

Paul Sephton said: “We’ve saved probably hundreds of thousands of dollars on agency costs, by being able to kick start every project ourselves in-house and by giving people essentially a new set of skills to be able to flex their creative muscles.”  

Modern marketing at scale 

Mantas Ratomskis highlights that GenAI can help marketers scale their operations like never before. 

He noted that for organizations such as Kilo Health, who thrive the consumer’s engagement with their applications, ongoing and voluminous content creation is a must.  

However, being able to produce contents that are updated sometimes on an hourly basis, would require extensive resources that come with prohibitive costs. 

To overcome the challenge, Mantas leverages GenAI to help him and his team keep up with the content mandate, generate the mounds of content that they need, and do what is essentially not humanly possible.  

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GenAI isn’t a silver bullet 

The experts on the panel agreed that to maximize the impact of GenAI, marketers have to start with the customer. 

As Eduardo Remedios noted: “AI by itself isn’t a silver bullet, right? You still need to have a clear strategy, and you still need to focus on the end customer.” 

Optimove elevates marketing with GenAI 

When ChatGPT launched in late 2022, it spurred on a mind-blowing proliferation of generative AI utilization. However, AI is not new to Optimove.  

Optimove was the first provider to natively embed AI within its platform. In 2012, we introduced to our Customer-Led Marketing Platform the ability to predict customer migrations between lifecycle stages. In 2016, we launched Optibot, the first ever AI-powered marketing optimization bot.   
OptiGenie was introduced in 2023, bringing the power of GenAI to enable anyone on the team to access strategic campaign insights without the help of data scientists and without requiring any SQL or other technical expertise. 

OptiGenie Generative AI Insights uses a powerful Large Language Model trained on a marketer’s unique data to identify and create natural language patterns. Marketers can ask: What was my top-performing campaign? Which customers received the campaign? What products did these customers buy? And get an answer immediately—no SQL needed.   

Whether marketers need insights in plain text, plotted in a chart, or mapped out in a table, Generative AI insights will explore any data, in any form in a matter of seconds.   

These insights mean that marketers can determine which campaigns resonate with customers for enhanced personalization. It also means that they can stop wasting their time on data related tasks to focus more on strategic work.  

The future is here. The future is GenAI. 

GenAI enables marketers to transcend traditional roles, driving creativity and efficiency as Position-less Marketers. It handles routine tasks, significantly cutting operational costs and allowing for strategic focus. With GenAI, marketing teams can produce and update content at scale, achieving previously unattainable efficiency. 

While GenAI is a powerful tool, it is not a replacement for human creativity and strategy. Successful use requires education, training, and a customer-centric approach. Tools like Optimove’s OptiGenie allow marketers to access AI-driven insights without technical expertise, improving campaign performance and customer engagement. 

In summary, GenAI empowers marketers to do more with less, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and scale operations while maintaining a focus on creativity and customer needs. 

For more insights and real use cases of GenAI in marketing, schedule a demo. 

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Rony Vexelman

Rony Vexelman is Optimove’s VP of Marketing. Rony leads Optimove’s marketing strategy across regions and industries. Previously, Rony was Optimove's Director of Product Marketing leading product releases, customer marketing efforts and analyst relations. Rony holds a BA in Business Administration and Sociology from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.