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Gaming Operators: Empower Web Push Messaging by Knowing the Lifecycle Stage

Discover the power of web push messaging for gaming operators in Part 1 of our Three-Part Series.

Part 1 of a Three-Part Series on Harnessing the Power of Web Push Messaging for Gaming Operators:

Web push messaging, based on customers’ lifecycle stage, has the power to engage audiences, drive conversions, and foster long-term loyalty. Whether it’s enticing non-depositors to make their first deposit, nurturing relationships with active players, or re-engaging lapsed users, in this first installment of a 3-part blog series, we take a look at why this approach is the most effective.

21st-century technological advancements are equipping gaming operators with a treasure trove of tools to ensure they’re hitting the sweet spots of their players. Web push continues to hold a top spot in the marketer’s campaign arsenal. Not without reason! We spend just over 30% of our digital media time in a web browser.

With a projected growth of nearly $32 million by 2025 for the Global Push Notifications Software Market – web push provides a huge opportunity for driving growth. How? By enabling operators to extend their reach beyond the app, email, and SMS, engaging players on both mobile and desktop.

Let’s quickly run through their benefits:

  • High opt-in rates: users don’t have to provide any personal details to opt-in; they just click ‘allow’
  • Real-time engagement: Never underestimate the power of now. Web push notifications allow you to reach your audience with relevant offers, updates, promotions, and time-sensitive information- fast, creating a sense of urgency, and prompting users to take immediate action.
  • Increased reach and visibility: Web push notifications can be delivered even when users aren’t actively browsing your website, ensuring maximum reach and visibility.
  • Personalization and targeting: By segmenting customers based on their lifecycle stage and sending them personalized messages, you can provide a more tailored and relevant customer experience (CX).
  • Better player retention: Web push notifications serve as reminders, prompting return visits, and encouraging regular engagement.
  • And more conversions: By directly delivering compelling offers, bonuses, or exclusive promotions directly to players, you can motivate them to make deposits, participate in games, or explore new features.

OK, you’re convinced (we hope!). So how to get started? We touched on this above; what you’re ideally looking to do is to run your web push campaigns according to the customer lifecycle stage… think new subscribers, non-depositors, new players, active players, and churned players for starters.

But why customer lifecycle stage? Let’s take a closer look …

Web push campaigns by lifecycle stage

Implementing web push campaigns tailored to the customer’s lifecycle stage is considered an optimal strategy for a couple of key reasons.

Firstly, this approach allows for more personalized, targeted communication; if your non-depositors receive the same push messages as your churned users, then Houston, we have a problem.

By customizing campaigns to match specific stages of the customer lifecycle, you can deliver messages and offers that align more closely with users’ needs and preferences. This strategy enhances campaign relevance, grabs users’ attention, and boosts the chances of engagement and conversion.

Secondly, focusing on the customer lifecycle stage enables you to nurture customer relationships more effectively.

By engaging users throughout their journey, from opt-in to depositing, playing, to churning, you can provide tailored incentives, content, and support. This ensures that players feel valued, helps build trust and loyalty, and ultimately leads to long-term engagement that drives growth – in short, it’s a no-brainer approach.

In Part Two, we’ll review best practices for implementing web push campaigns and inspire you to get started by examining push messaging for both New Subscriber and Non-Depositor customer lifecycle stages. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about how Optimove is helping operators maximize the potential of web push, let’s talk!

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