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Kilo Health on Optimove onboarding: “Pleasantly shocking process with little development required.” 

Kilo Health, a prominent player in the digital health and wellness industry, boasts an impressive portfolio of over 50 digital products that cater to a vast global audience. With its expansive reach and diverse offerings, Kilo Health faces the constant challenge of retaining its customers in a competitive market. 

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Why it matters:

Kilo Health’s partnership with Optimove for customer retention proves the effectiveness of seamless integration and dedicated support. The onboarding process, described as “pleasantly shocking,” emphasizes the importance of a supportive team. With a quick Return on Investment (ROI), Optimove’s versatility and minimal development requirements make it a recommended choice for businesses in competitive markets.

Key takeaways:

Optimove proved a game-changer, offering Kilo Health an effective global customer retention solution.

Optimove’s surprising ease of integration, even with vast data, made the onboarding process “pleasingly shocking.”

Kilo Health praised Optimove for comprehensive support, exceeding expectations in configuring parameters, and providing assistance.

Kilo Health recommends Optimove for CRM marketing to achieve quick ROI, citing its versatility and minimal development requirements.

In a digital landscape brimming with health and wellness apps and platforms, retaining customers has become a pressing concern for Kilo Health. The success of the company relies heavily on its customers’ commitment to healthier lifestyles. 

The quest for a global customer retention solution 

The task at hand was to seamlessly integrate a global customer retention platform that could enhance Kilo Health’s ability to retain customers. This endeavor presented a unique challenge due to the need for rapid integration across a wide array of products spread across the globe. 

“One of the hurdles we faced during onboarding was the sheer volume of data we generate,” said Dominykas Balčiūnas, Data Project Manager at Kilo Health. “Our customer events often contain numerous data parameters.” 

The solution that surprised 

In the quest for a solution, Optimove emerged as a game-changer. It empowers Kilo Health with a much-needed platform to bolster customer retention. What was truly surprising, however, was how easily and effectively it could be integrated into Kilo Health’s operations considering the need to ingest petabytes of information. 

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“Pleasingly shocking onboarding” 

Mantas Ratomskis, head of CRM operations at Kilo Health, described the onboarding process with Optimove as “pleasingly shocking.” The extent of support and commitment offered by the Optimove team exceeded their expectations. Throughout the journey, the Kilo Health team was pleasantly surprised by the dedication and assistance they received. 

“It was an amazing experience to realize that so many Optimove professionals have your back while going through these different processes,” he said. 

“We received help in things we should have done by ourselves” 

During onboarding, the challenge of configuring numerous parameters arose, catalyzed by the vast amount of data generated by Kilo Health’s 50+ products. The Optimove team stepped in to shoulder the responsibility of configuring these parameters, going above and beyond their expected role. 

“I would say 12 to 15 people from the Optimove side joined the meetings where they presented the whole roadmap,” said Mantas. “Seeing so many professionals in one call led to quite high, quite high expectations.” 

Dominykas agrees. “The support was comprehensive and very deep,” he said, “We received help in things we should have done ourselves, which shows their dedication to the project.” 

“It’s kudos to the Optimove team” 

Kilo Health was impressed by the unwavering support provided by the Optimove team, spanning technical and organizational aspects. This support played a pivotal role in the success of the onboarding process, and Kilo Health commended the Optimove team for their dedication and customer-centric approach. 

The Key to Quicker ROI 

Kilo Health’s journey with Optimove’s onboarding process was a challenge that ended as rewarding. It underscores the importance of having a supportive team throughout the process. The ongoing support and guidance from Optimove have been invaluable for Kilo Health. Optimove is a customer-centric platform that meets with their industry-specific needs. 

Forrester, in the Total Economic Impact of Optimove report from December 2022, estimated Optimove’s Payback Period at under six months. Payback Period is the breakeven point for an investment, the point in time at which net benefits (benefits minus costs) equal initial investment or cost. 

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“I’d recommend Optimove” 

“I would definitely recommend other businesses seeking CRM marketing platforms to use Optimove, Dominykas noted. Their marketing hub covers many areas, which is very useful and does not require a lot of development overhead from our side.” 

In conclusion, Kilo Health’s collaboration with Optimove has not only helped the health leader’s seize retention opportunities but has also showcased the power of seamless integration and dedicated support in achieving business success in a highly competitive market. 

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