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Final World Cup Tips to Rev Up Your Mobile Marketing Game

The World Cup is almost here, and competition is fierce. To help get you tournament ready, here are our last-minute final mobile app must-dos. Start revving up your marketing game today!

The World Cup is Kicking off during one of the busiest periods in the year’s marketing calendar where everyone is on the move. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and dare we mention another ‘C’-word… yep, Christmas! – this month’s World Cup presents mobile marketers with even more opportunity to reach an audience already highly engaged and ready to enjoy promotions that “savvy” brands are lining up.  

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But competition is already reaching fever pitch, meaning you’ll have to work harder, faster, and better to make an impact during what’s already a fiercely competitive time of year. To help get your brand tournament-ready, here are our last-minute must-dos to ensure you’re ready to win big with your mobile app during Qatar 2022. 

So, go ahead and ask yourself: 

Have you segmented your audience? 

The World Cup tournament is a truly global sporting event, with viewers turning to their smartphones around the clock to connect with buddies, follow live updates, consume tournament-related content across social media, and watch their teams play live.  

If you haven’t done so already (and it’s not too late!), you’ll want to think specifically about user location as a starting point. When the first game kicks off at 7 pm Qatar time, football fans will be at different stages in their daily routines; just getting to the office on the West coast of the states, sitting down to eat lunch in Rio, on the commute home in London, or propped up on their pillows in bed in Singapore.  

But no matter where fans are and what they’re doing, they’ll all have their smartphone with them.  Smart marketers must consider location-based segmentation to ensure they’re connecting with fans through relevant, personalized and time sensitive content. 

Have you remembered your lapsed users? 

The buzz and excitement of the World Cup provide mobile marketers the opportunity to re-engage lapsed users that are – albeit for a limited time only! – ready to connect and engage with anything and everything World Cup-related.   

Use segmentation to define your lapsed user group, then craft a couple of campaigns to entice them back. Think personalized tournament kick-off promotions, reaching out with details of big-win competitions you’ll be running throughout the month, or time-sensitive invitations to take part in ‘limited players’ match sweepstakes to capitalize on FOMO.  

You’ll also want to consider including deep links across your lapsed user campaigns to take users straight to offers you’re looking to promote, minimizing friction and ensuring re-engagement is as smooth as possible. Speaking of which… 

Have you made sure you’re including DDLs across your campaigns? 

Whether you’re capturing a new audience, re-engaging lost users, or reaching a wider, hyper-engaged audience – using Deferred Deep Links across your World Cup campaigns will pay dividends. Especially if you’re building campaigns and creating content that’s likely to be shared. 

If you’re joining the World Cup conversation on Twitter, try shipping tournament promotions via email to reach a wider audience or SMS to re-engage lapsed users. Including Deferred Deep Links will maximize your chances of success. 

To brush up on the benefits of using DDLs, head over here

Is your team ready to capitalize on key moments during the event in real-time? 

One of the most exciting things about the World Cup tournament is its unpredictability. Wins, losses, penalty shoot-outs, red cards, and extra time; each match played will have moments that allow mobile marketers to reach users with related content that engages. This means having your team on standby to quickly craft messages and content that fans are ready to react to.  

In-the-moment competitions that keep users engaged throughout the tournament can be particularly effective – think penalty-shoot-out scores, half-time scores, the first player to be sent off, etc.  

Bottom line? Ensure that campaigns address what your audience is talking about in the moment and your brand will stand a far greater chance of scoring big. 

Are you using rich media to stand out above the noise? 

Everyone will be upping the ante in mobile marketing throughout November. To increase your chances of rising above the competition and grabbing the attention, your tournament campaigns must focus on delivering compelling, rich media content, especially when such content can skyrocket engagement rates by a whopping 25%. Images, emojis, video, audio, and gifs are ideal ways to hook a visually-driven audience who will be hungry for content that is of the moment, catches their eye and compels them to engage.  

Is your customer support team ready?  

Your customer support team should expect to receive more messages than usual since your audience will spend more time on their smartphones during the tournament, and your campaign efforts (if you’re doing it right!) will drive increased app engagement. Long and short? It’ll pay to make it easy for customers to reach out to you – and for your team to respond quickly.  

Activity around social media will increase exponentially throughout the month, and users will often use it to reach out for support. Ensure you’ve covered social media and stand by for increased in-app support requests, questions, and campaign queries. If you drop the ball at this point (no pun intended!), you’ll end up with many frustrated customers and wasted opportunities. 

Finally, is your team aware of FIFA’s rules around World Cup advertising? 

FIFA has strict rules about how brands can advertise throughout the competition. The organization’s “Official Marks” cannot be used in any of your campaigns – including the official emblem, trophy, and mascot – and certain phrases are also off limits (for example, ‘FIFA World Cup’ and Qatar 2022). To brush up on the dos and don’ts’, head over to their website where you can find a set of guidelines that’ll ensure you’re playing by the rules. 

Ready, set, go! 

This November, the stakes are high, but with a little prep and a touch of last-minute tweaking, mobile marketers have a unique opportunity to skyrocket their mobile footprint. By remaining relevant, telling compelling stories, and delivering personalized, meaningful content in real-time, you’ll succeed long after the final whistle blows! 

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