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Gone So Soon? How to Retain World Cup New Players   

We love to use our expertise to help steer marketers towards up-to-date data proven to increase retention; that’s just who we are. New players acquired during mega events usually don’t stick around. Once the Final whistle is blown, boom, they’re gone. Since keeping them around is particularly hard, use these quick retention tips and tricks to beat the odds

If you’re anything like us, you’re counting down the days to the FIFA 2022 World Cup (Nov 20 – Dec 18). It is easily the biggest event of the year and one known to be of enormous interest and super-high viewership globally. It’s also an excellent time for active players; they have likely already begun to deposit and play on your platform. 

As we’ve shown when we discussed what makes new players tick, your acquisition team can expect an avalanche of those who are looking to add to the excitement with a bet here and there. They’re called casual players for obvious reasons. The thing is, these are easy-come-easy-go players, and once the tournament is done, they go bye-bye.  

Past big-tournament data shows that many players won’t continue to play and bail soon after mega-events, leaving much hard work for the customer retention team. In fact, big event players have a 25% lower retention rate and are at high risk of churn.   

If history is to repeat itself, data from the previous World Cup 2018 shows that retention rates dropped 15% after the championships compared to the average and the same period in 2019.  

So, retention marketers are probably wondering how to re-engage those newly acquired players. Luckily, Optimove gaming experts have got you covered with a few quick tricks up their sleeves. Ready, set, go!  

Trick #1 – Link the World Cup to Other Sporting Events  

While you have their attention, get your newly acquired players excited for additional upcoming sporting events. For instance, the English Premier League is set to continue just eight days after the World Cup Finals. It is one of the most significant betting opportunities worldwide. So, you can get your players eager to rally behind their favorite team in your current campaigns.  

Other football leagues you can use to tease this player segment include the UEFA Champions League, Spain’s La Liga, and Germany’s Bundesliga. These upcoming sporting events are fantastic conversation starters that should get your gaming and casino clients totally hyped up.  

Trick #2 – Incentivize Deposits & Withdrawals   

Offer promotions just when your newly acquired players need them the most. For example, when their balance hits zero, you should immediately offer them a bonus to continue playing – like a reward on their next deposit or bet.  

Additionally, your newly acquired players who just made a withdrawal can also be incentivized with a relevant offer to continue depositing and playing with your brand. Sending out campaigns that include such offers has been proven to yield better results and keep players loyal in the long run.   

Trick #3 – Offer Preferential Bets  

Creating those long-lasting, loyal relationships with your newly acquired players after long-awaited events is complex and tricky – but still doable. Try putting your players in the driver’s seat by allowing them to pick and choose the bets they’ll place on upcoming sporting events.   

Once the remaining sporting events like the previously mentioned English Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, and Bundesliga resume, they’ll remember to log in to your platform and start playing again.   

A Final Word

This World Cup, think retention, retention, and retention. It should be top of mind for your marketing team when it comes to long-term brand revenue, particularly during mega-events.  

After all, how often does a growth opportunity like the FIFA World Cup come along? Easy question, once every four years! Smart marketing teams will be all over their players this time around in a bid to grab the most significant chunk of new players and turn them into active, regular bettors. Is it easy? Definitely not, but much like the actual World Cup trophy, it’s highly coveted and well worth your effort.  

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