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How To: Democratize Data Across the Organization  

Why brands must embrace data accessibility across the entire organization using an intelligent customer data platform (CDP)

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Why it Matters:

Optimizing the customer experience is essential for organizational success in today’s data-driven landscape. With a robust data foundation, marketers gain independence in personalizing campaigns and accessing customer insights. Meanwhile, BI teams benefit from seamless data integration and analysis, enhancing CRM decision-making.  

Key Takeaways:
  • Optimove’s robust data foundation enables personalized marketing, analytics, and customer service enhancements. 
  • Data export and analysis tools democratize data access, offering comprehensive solutions that allow brands to tailor campaigns and improve return on investment (ROI.) 

Every organizational function must be data-driven to enhance the customer experience. Customer data is indispensable as it empowers brands to utilize it for marketing personalization, downstream analysis, or to improve customer service. 

The breadth and depth of Optimove’s data foundation can help marketers personalize their marketing campaigns with independence by providing access to insights on their customers and promotions. For example, when it comes to analytics, marketing teams can enjoy out-of-the-box dashboards, and reports made simple by Optimove.

While out-of-the-box dashboards simplify analytics for marketing teams, Business Intelligence (BI) teams require access to comprehensive data for custom analysis. Optimove facilitates this by allowing clients to export and utilize rich data internally, empowering better CRM marketing decision-making.

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Democratize Data with Flexibility for All 

Optimove offers a range of solutions to facilitate the seamless export of rich data, catering to diverse organizational needs, including: 

  1. Aligning customer data across the tech stack 

Organizations can effortlessly share data across their tech stack using automated Application Programming Interface (API) flows between Optimove and internal systems.

BI teams can harness the Optimove API to extract specific data points from customer profiles and campaigns in real-time, empowering them to generate actionable insights and efficiently make informed, data-driven decisions.

  1. Scaling up downstream analysis  

Following Optimove’s 2022 partnership with Snowflake Data Cloud, BI teams can seamlessly access, query, and analyze Optimove data without additional engineering resources. Continuously expanding its offerings, Optimove offers a wide range of data attributes for in-the-moment consumption, providing hundreds of attributes, including predictive metrics to purchase history and engagement activity.

Brands can also access essential data from their campaigns, including which customers received and engaged most, based on Optimove’s multi-touch attribution model. This granular analysis enables marketers to tailor future campaigns based on customer location, purchasing habits, preferred channels, and optimal engagement time, fostering deeper insights and more effective strategies.

In Summary: Drive Marketing Optimization 

With increased flexibility and data accessibility, team members can gain valuable insights independently. This enhances marketing strategies by creating a feedback loop that optimizes future campaigns. Therefore, organizations that maximize their data resources significantly improve the customer experience and Return on Investment (ROI). 

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Natalie Samuels

Natalie Samuels is a Product Marketing Specialist at Optimove, focusing on Customer Data & Reporting, Campaign Management, and Orchestration. Natalie holds a BSc in Politics and International Relations from the University of Bristol.