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6 Tips for Winning Your Euro 2024 Email Marketing Campaign 

There's still time for brands to spruce up their emails, dribble away from the pack and get noticed. Get started with these six tips to score a winning email campaign

Discover the latest email strategies to grab the attention of your customers

Why It Matters:

To overcome the challenges in email marketing due to the intense competition, it’s essential to create highly targeted, personalized, and engaging content that resonates with the audience. 

The Big Picture:
  • Euro 2024 kicks off on June 14th and ends with the Final on July 14th
  • The main goal of these six tips is to help brands stand out and engage their audience during the tournament. 
  • By implementing these strategies, brands can enhance email marketing success and drive results. 

#1 – Activate the power of real-time  

As marketers ramp up their email activity for Euro 2024, standing out from the crowd poses a significant challenge. Overcoming these hurdles hinges on relevance and timing. That’s where the power of real-time content comes in. It’s the most effective way to captivate attention with highly relevant and personalized messages, especially when recipients are actively engaged “in the moment.” 

For instance, web-slicing content enables real-time updates on match scores and progress live within the email subscribers open. Moreover, to foster instant gratification and boost engagement, consider prompting subscribers to ‘vote’ for their favorite products, players, or teams, unlocking exclusive promotions, offers, and subsequent follow-up campaigns. 

#2 – Optimize for mobile  

With approximately half of all emails opened on mobile devices, marketers must design emails to render legibly across all devices, screens, and resolutions. Understanding and accessing data that shows smartphone preference (Galaxy or iPhone), usage of dark mode, screen sizes, and other relevant details can significantly boost a brand’s email marketing success. 

Responsive design extends beyond mere screen adaptation or aspect ratio adjustment; it emphasizes the importance of displaying relevant content. For example, on mobile devices, the focus might shift to exclusively promoting app downloads. This approach guarantees a seamless and personalized user experience, underscoring the importance of Customer-Led Marketing while enhancing overall user satisfaction. 

Pro-tip: Emails that take too long to load are often deleted in less than three seconds, negatively impacting a sender’s reputation if they’re discarded without being opened or clicked. 

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#3 – Use an email template skin  

Consider implementing a template skin for your emails throughout Euro 2024. Switching email template skins during mega-sporting events provides numerous benefits for brands, including consistency, efficiency, brand cohesion, scalability, adaptability, and time-saving advantages. 

For example, refresh your email header and footer with colors, icons, and a style that embodies the spirit of Euro 2024. A temporary email template makeover for all campaigns during the event month will undoubtedly immerse recipients in the excitement of the tournament. The primary objective is to enhance email engagement metrics, such as click-through rates (CTR) and other key performance indicators (KPI.)  

#4 – Promote interaction  

Brands can easily entice their audience to interact with email content related to Euro 2024. Quizzes that test subscribers’ knowledge about the event or their favorite teams and players are excellent for building excitement and anticipation for the tournament, adding to the overall playful spirit. 

Additionally, using interactive promotional messages – like an offer reveal or the gamification of email content will further increase email interaction and engagement and play into the overall theme of the international sporting event.  

#5 – Explore “multichannel”  

Many successful Euro campaigns leverage multiple marketing channels. Consider integrating social media channels, like Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, along with email to provide additional content or promotions shared in email – or vice versa.  

For instance, invite email subscribers to share offers on social media for additional discounts and entice them to use unique hashtag mentions to extend brand reach. Additionally, social media and paid search can help drive email sign-up by communicating potential offers, promotions, and exclusive content only shared via email during the Euro.  

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#6 – Create awesome content  

Consider how to deliver additional content via email during the tournament. Try sending out a new Euro-driven newsletter that allows for exciting content incorporating real-time updates, surveys, quizzes, and more.  

Along with weekly sports highlights and daily newsletters, cultivate a large variety of content, such as:  

  • Game highlights and stats  
  • Match previews and recaps 
  • Historic/archival content  
  • Exclusive interviews 
  • Fan polls and surveys 
  • Viral/User Generated Content (UGC) 
  • Infographics and data visualizations 
  • Blog posts  

Remember, Die-Hard Euro fans can’t get enough Euro content and are constantly seeking a thrill – and it doesn’t end when the Final is over. So, keep the momentum going with engaging content. 

In Summary 

Euro 2024 email campaigns can differentiate brands from their competitors. Having something unique, different, viral, relevant, and exciting gets subscribers to open messages day after day. 

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Dana Carr

Dana Carr is Optimove’s Director of Email Marketing. Dana has over 20 years managing the email marketing strategies of many recognizable global B2C and B2B brands. As the Director of Email Marketing, Dana is bridging the gap for Optimove’s customers in providing a data-driven marketing plan and timely implementation grounded in best practices, targeted content and visually engaging design.