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What iGaming Operators Can Learn from The Super Bowl

Another Super Bowl is behind us, but that doesn’t mean it’s yesterday’s news. Aside from Rihanna’s controversial halftime show, there’s much to be discussed. Were more online bets placed that day? Was there an influx of new online bettors? Or an increase in bet amounts? All the answers can be found in these four main takeaways, or four downs, if you will

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As the dust settles after the big game, Optimove marketing data analysts dove deep into the data to find whether the much-anticipated Super Bowl had valuable insights for iGaming operators. 

We analyzed data on US sports bettors from dozens of iGaming operators across the globe between January and February 2023. 

After hours of crunching and sorting, here’s what we found. 

Takeaway #1: 2.6x in the number of first depositors 

On February 12th, the day of the mega football event, there were 7.5 times as many first depositors as on February 1st. Additionally, on February 12th, the number of sports bettors who logged in to make their first deposit was 2.6 times higher than any other day in January, making it an especially exciting day for sports bettors and operators alike. 

Takeaway #2: Boost in number of active sports bettors 

On February 5th, the day of the Conference Championship games, more than 150,000 sports bettors placed at least one bet. On the day of the Super Bowl, more than 370,000 sports bettors placed at least one bet. Now, that’s a lot!  

In addition, the number of active sports bettors was a whopping 170% higher on the day of the Super Bowl than on the first of February. Compared to the Playoffs, the Super Bowl saw a 140% increase in active sports bettors. 

What can marketers learn from this? Ensure your creative sets are prepared well for all major upcoming sports events – include campaigns for both games leading up to the Final.  

Pro-tip: Be sure to refer back to 5 Ways to Score A Marketing Touchdown This Super Bowl for tips and tricks on connecting with your audience on a massive scale. 

Takeaway #3: +44% in mobile sports bet amount 

During the Playoffs (which stirred up thrill and excitement among sports bettors), 44% of the total mobile sports bet amount was increased compared to February 1st.  

On the 12th of February, the day of the Super Bowl – there was a fantastic surge of 84% in the total mobile sports bet amount compared to February 5th – making this day extra lucrative! 

Takeaway #4: +78% in overall sports bet amount 

On February 12th, the overall sports bet amount was 78% higher than the daily average in January.  

We noticed an interesting trend worth noting here. Although the Super Bowl saw a surge in online gaming action – we did notice that the daily average sports bet amount per sports bettor during the Super Bowl was 20% lower than the Playoffs and was similar to the average in January.  

But there’s a reason for this! Less valuable players who tend to deposit and bet in lower amounts log in and play during mega-events – ultimately bringing down the average sports bet amount. 

Pro-tip: Entice sports bettors to remain active by sending out campaigns that promote upcoming games. You can already start planning and setting up campaigns for: 

  • March Madness – March 14th – April 3rd (watch this space for more on that soon) 
  • Masters Tournament – April 6th – April 9th 
  • UEFA Champions League Final – May 2023  

The Super Bowl – More of everything for marketers 

The epic Super Bowl brought new players, increased betting activity, and a massive increase in mobile sports bets.  

As the iGaming industry grows, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and entice first-time depositors who log in just for mega-events to stick around for the long haul.  

Watch this space for more fun and exciting campaign ideas, marketing strategies, and valuable data insights on future mega-events! 

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