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5 Ways To Score A Marketing Touchdown This Super Bowl 

The Super Bowl is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. For iGaming marketers, there’s no better opportunity to connect with their audience on a massive scale. So, if you’re looking to supercharge your Super Bowl campaigns, we have five fun and effective ideas for you

The Super Bowl is coming up, and excitement is at fever pitch! 

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Not only is it the biggest day in American football, it’s also a cultural phenomenon that brings people together across the US and farther afield. And everyone loves those incredible halftime shows featuring famous musicians who put on the performance of a lifetime. 

As tens of millions of viewers watch on the edge of their seats, munching on buffalo wings and drinking ice-cold beer – some will be placing bets online, and gaming operators need to be prepared for the action. 

So, how can you ensure your brand stands out from the crowd? Start with these impactful, high-energy, and memorable Super Bowl marketing campaign ideas. 

Campaign #1 – Score Big with Dynamic Super Bowl Campaigns 

Dynamic campaigns use components that allow for content to be updated in real-time. Once a user opens the message, it’s updated so that each recipient receives the most relevant message every time. 

Try using dynamic campaigns with real-time data to send targeted and personalized emails to your customers during the Super Bowl. For example, send a special offer to customers who have shown interest in a particular team, with that team being shown as the dynamic component. 

Here are a few past examples of DynamicMail at Optimove: 

The first example has a pre-game and post-game experience for the subscriber. In the pre-game email, everything is geared toward creating excitement for the game. 

Super Bowl marketing ideas - Tune Into CBS - Optimove

The same pre-game email can then be updated to show post-game content once the match is over. So, every component that creates excitement will be replaced with relevant, up-to-date content. 

The top header, “Tune in on…” shows the “Final Score”, and the CTA is updated to drive traffic to your site or wherever you wish to direct subscribers. 

Super Bowl marketing ideas - Final Score/Tune In - Optimove

You can also tie your post-game email to the next big football event, the Draft.

In the NFL Draft email below, there’s a countdown to the Draft that gives subscribers a sense of urgency to log in and play. It also drives excitement and anticipation toward the event by counting down to kickoff. 

Super Bowl marketing ideas - Countdown - Optimove

Using Optimove’s DynamicMail, you can easily swap the banner to keep it as relevant as possible so that even if a subscriber opens it after the game takes place, they can see the next major sporting event instead. The countdown timer can also be updated to show the new time till the next event. 

Campaign #2 – CrossSell to Keep the Sports Frenzy Going  

The main goal of a cross-sell campaign is to introduce players to new gaming products, platforms, or categories. So, if a player enjoys placing bets on a particular gaming category, like soccer, you can send cross-sell campaigns to promote another (perhaps, more profitable) category of games. 

Consider running a cross-sell campaign when the Super Bowl ends to entice customers to place bets on other sports. The 2023 men’s NCAA tournament for March Madness is the next major sporting event to take place. Therefore, you can send out campaigns that promote basketball betting to players next. 

Campaign #3 – Super Bowl on The Go 

It’s no secret that more and more players are turning to sports betting on mobile as opposed to web platforms as smartphones continue to become the preferred gaming platform for most.  

For instance, in October, November, and December 2022, 90% of sports bets were placed on mobile devices in the United States. While mobile usage was exceptionally high during the World Cup 2022, with 80% of bets placed on mobile devices. 

In January, the same trend continues, as clearly depicted in the graph below:

Super Bowl marketing ideas - Bet Amount Distribution by Channel - Optimove

So, as we approach the Super Bowl, make sure your campaigns are optimized for mobile and that your website is mobile-friendly.  

Campaign #4 – Master the Art of Live Betting During the Super Bowl 

Live betting, as the name suggests, occurs when a player places a bet as a game is taking place. It allows players to get the adrenaline rush, action, and thrill they seek. 

During the World Cup’s third-place match on December 17th between Croatia and Morocco, 73% of the total amount of bets were placed in real-time by Croatian bettors – that’s plenty of live-betting action! 

Looking into January, players continue to enjoy placing live bets on games, with more than 50% placed in real-time, as shown in the graph below:

Super Bowl marketing ideas - Bet Amount Distribution by Bet Type - Optimove

So, for your Super Bowl campaigns, consider incorporating live betting campaigns by sending SMS messages to entice customers with live betting offers, such as, “This player just scored an unthinkable touchdown! Will he score another one? Log in and play!”  

Campaign #5 – Finally, Win the Super Bowl of Marketing with Multichannel Campaigns 

Multichannel campaigns allow brands to promote offers to customers across a number of channels, including web, mobile, social, email, and more.  

Multichannel marketing campaigns yield better results than single-channel marketing. For instance, in an Optimove study, the response rate for email and push campaigns came in at 14%, a 600% improvement over push-only campaigns, which received a 2% response rate. 

So, make sure that during the Super Bowl, you’re taking full advantage of all the marketing channels you have to engage customers wherever they are, whenever you want. 

Now, go ahead and get on your winning streak with these exciting campaign ideas just in time for the big game! Watch this space for more Super Bowl-inspired campaign ideas and actionable insights.

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