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How to Use DynamicMail to Make Your Emails ​Awesome

Step up your email game to increase engagement and ROI with 20+ out-of-the-box DynamicMail components. Learn how to build powerful product recommendation models using Optimove’s DynamicMail – all while putting your customer first!

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Ever thought about what true personalization looks like in emails? It occurs when each of your subscribers sees content tailored to them specifically. At Optimove, we call it DynamicMail

DynamicMail offers dozens of ways for marketers to increase customer engagement and spend by embedding dynamic, interactive, and personalized content into emails. It builds the content to serve customers exactly what they want to see in the email. 

Dynamic components used in the email allow for content to be updated in real-time and sent out as part of a mass message to your chosen customer segment. 

Once a user opens the email, it’s updated so that each recipient receives the most relevant message every time. This technology currently powers hundreds of millions of emails per month for Optimove customers. 

Here are two case studies to show you how it works. 

Case Study #1: Dynamically updating personalized recommendations per customer VS handpicked promotional content  

A leading global office supplies chain’s goal was to increase revenue from its weekly promotional emails. The idea was to test whether a personalized recommendation model works better than picking and choosing recommendations of items to buy in their weekly promotional newsletter to all customers.  

Here’s how they went about it. 

5.5 million customers were targeted to receive 58 campaigns between April and May 2022. 

The retailer set up two campaigns as an Optimove A/B test: template A had the DynamicMail component, while template B had handpicked promotional content. 

Template A – DynamicMail that displays personally recommended products to each subscriber, updated always to show the most relevant products 

Template B – Weekly promotional newsletter with handpicked offers  

The results? 

Across the board, DynamicMail recommendations outperformed their handpicked content. 

When doing the A/B test, about 60% of the time, DynamicMail was the winning campaign. 

When comparing the CTR between the two templates – DynamicMail’s CTR was 1.5 times higher than template B. 

Finally – DynamicMail had double the campaign responders, meaning that twice as many of its recipients went on to make a purchase on the site. Approximately 31,000 customers bought something afterward.  

Case Study #2: Personalized product recommendations VS other templates 

A multi-million-dollar retailer ran campaigns containing DynamicMail recommendations that included weekly offers, and compared them to customers who received no campaign at all (control group). 

The campaign took place between June 20th and June 26th, 1.2 million customers were targeted, and a total of 8 campaigns were sent out. 

The goal was to determine whether the DynamicMail template that included recommended content (weekly offers) would perform better than every other marketing email the retailer was sending out at this time. 

The results? 

With a $160,000 increase in order amount, DynamicMail outperformed the rest.  

There was a 6.5% increase in CTR, and a 79% higher response rate compared to their other email marketing campaigns. This was measured by clicks, customers participating in a promotion, and making a purchase.  

Overall, the personalized recommendations shown by DynamicMail resulted in more engaging and lucrative campaigns. Without this campaign, they wouldn’t have seen this uplift.  

Before you go – check out more DynamicMail features 

DynamicMail can help your brand generate more conversions and increase revenue by sending more relevant, customized, and delightful emails to your customers. 

  • Display multiple nearby locations instead of just one  
  • Show off a collection of products by placing them in a carousel that plays through directly within the email 
  • Shorten long emails by hiding extra content under an expandable section 
  • Dynamically change content displayed in the email using personalization tags 
  • Add urgency and excitement with countdown timers that are always accurate when the email is opened 
  • Connect your emails to a content feed to bring updated content to your templates like the latest blog posts, in-stock products, game odds, or new products/games 

Want to hear more?​ Contact us to find out how you can implement DynamicMail recommendations to take your email campaigns to the next level.

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Dafna is a creative marketing content writer and editor who produces strategic content for various online industries. With over ten years of professional writing experience, she helps brands grow and increase profitability, efficiency, and online presence. Dafna holds a B.A. in Persuasive Communications from Reichman University (IDC Herzliya).

Ronit Newmark

Ronit is a Senior Email Project Manager on Optimove Strategic Services team. Ronit expertise focuses on managing Optimail IP warm-ups, email deliverability analysis and helping marketers create highly engaging and relevant emails through DynamicMail's custom development. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, specializing in interactive media, from Reichman University (IDC).