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How This Online Shop Grew Its Active Customers Group by 52% with Optimove

Klium's management wanted to improve customer loyalty, increase the size and frequency of orders and gain deeper insight into their customers’ behavior. Optimove was there to help achieve their goals

As the largest online shop for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) products in Belgium and the Netherlands, and one of the biggest in Europe, Klium sells more than 120,000 professional products from top brands and ships them throughout the entire European Union.

Catering to so many customers, Klium’s management wished to deliver an overall better customer experience with their brand. They understood the value of catering to their existing customer base in a more personalized way and wanted to find a solution that would carry considerable ROI. Specifically, improve customer loyalty, increase the size and frequency of orders from existing customers, and gain deeper insight into their customers’ behavior.

Email Blasts  

Before adopting Optimove, Klium was sending email blasts to all their customers, segmented only by geography. Now, about a year later, Klium regularly communicates with more than 140 different customer segments via more than 30 daily and weekly recurring email campaigns that are orchestrated by Optimove.

The customer segments defined by Klium’s marketers primarily leverage behavioral attributes easily accessible in Optimove, such as purchase history, spend level and brand preference.

The onboarding process with Optimove was terrific,” says Klium’s E-commerce specialist Joey Engelen. “We had Skype calls every week, and we received a very high level of attention and data-driven analysis. The resulting customer model was really customized to our business, our customers and our objectives. Everything went really smoothly; the process was really nice for us.”

Outstanding Original Campaigns

The company is also enjoying the benefits of receiving vast amounts of customer data and analysis back from the Optimove software. Klium uses this data to invent and launch outstanding, original campaigns to specific types of customers. This readily available data, along with the software’s user-friendly access to automation and AI capabilities, has helped the company dramatically reduce its campaign ideation-to-execution cycles.

Since implementing Optimove, Klium’s marketing team has seen significant improvements across all the customer metrics it tracks. Highlights include: The number of active-lifecycle customers grew by 52%, The average order value in this lifecycle stage increased by 49%, and the average customer lifetime value increased by 20%.

“Optimove’s segmented approach makes it practical for us to develop closer bonds with our customers,” Klium’s E-commerce Manager, Davy Agten

“Optimove’s segmented approach makes it practical for us to develop closer bonds with our customers,” said Klium’s E-commerce Manager Davy Agten. “We’re now seeing higher customer engagement all around – even via campaigns that don’t offer special incentives. We love being able to reward our customers in meaningful ways, ways which actually help them – and it has resulted in making many customers much more loyal to our brand.”

Looking to leverage more of Optimove’s capabilities, Klium’s marketers are planning to expand their use of the system to add automatic product recommendations – for cross-selling and up-selling products relevant to individual customers – and to begin communicating with their customers via additional channels, beyond email.

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Tanya Szwarcbard

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