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Test Yourself: Welcome to Your Career-Defining Moment with Optimove’s Professional Certification

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Optimove Professional Certification, designed to give your organization a competitive edge, while also helping you stand out from the crowd. Optimove’s Chief Customer Officer shares more

Here’s a short question for you:

If one of your customers has a Total Payment Value of $250, will she necessarily be included in this target group?

Select your answer:

A.  Yes, because her Total Order Value is lower than 500
B.  Yes, because the selection criteria use a complex selection expression and she meets the first selected criteria
C.  No, because the setup doesn’t make sense: the third criterion is redundant because it is a subset of the first criterion
D.  No, because her Favorite Day of Week might not be Monday

I chose an easy one this time. We’ll look at the answer in a bit.

Set yourself apart

Acquiring more knowledge is the easiest way to attain power. It’s a straightforward equation. How else would you keep up with the fast-changing relationship marketing world? Staying stagnant and resting on your accomplishments is a surefire way to get left behind.

Our new Optimove Professional certification started from an internal need; what’s the best way to train new employees? We decided on a questionnaire testing the level of knowledge and expertise about Optimove as the best way for us to know whether an employee is ready to address our clients.

But when one of our clients – looking to hire a new CRM manager who would be using Optimove – asked if we have a test to use for her candidates, we quickly realized how our customers can benefit from this test.

For months, we refined our questions with the help of our product marketing team. I truly believe that a user who successfully completes the test – trust me, it’s not an easy one – possesses the required knowledge and ability to work with the product independently. Our test demonstrates that the user is highly proficient in the most important skills of our field, including customer segmentation, campaign orchestration, and marketing performance optimization.

When experts face experts

All client-facing Optimove employees can take the test as part of their onboarding – and know their team is built from experts. This ensures that when clients meet with Optimove team members such as our sales, CSM, and strategic services teams, there are experts from both sides of the table. Any CRM expert working with Optimove or those who have worked with our software in the past, can also take the test and join an elite group of relationship marketing professionals who leverage Optimove to provide extraordinary value to their organization.

Micheal Schutt, Director of CRM at Miniclip, who is a long-time Optimove user, recently passed the test with flying colors and kindly allowed us to share his thoughts: “The Optimove Professional Certification is a much-needed certification for relationship marketing. The test is challenging but fair in recognizing professionals in the field. It will set a benchmark for my employees to reach to prove their understanding of both Optimove and relationship marketing. The certification will also create validation and distinction of skilled job candidates applying in the future. Candidates with the Optimove Professional Certification will receive higher priority in relationship marketing recruitment processes.”

“It will set a benchmark for my employees to reach to prove their understanding of both Optimove and relationship marketing.” (Micheal Schutt, Director of CRM at Miniclip)

Before taking the test

Passing the Optimove Professional Certification exam requires extensive knowledge of the Optimove platform. We gathered some tips to help you succeed in passing the exam:

  • Have at least six months of hands-on experience using Optimove
  • Familiarize yourself with the content on Optimove Academy (available only for Optimove users)
  • Complete the recommended readings in the Optimove Certification Exam Study Guide (available only for Optimove users)

In order to receive the Optimove Professional Certification, you must:

    • Be an Optimove user
    • Accept the Optimove certification program candidate agreement
  • Pass the required exam

The test itself is free of charge. Any Optimove user can take the test using their login information. The test contains 60 questions and takes about 75 minutes to complete. To pass the test and become a certified Optimove user, you’ll need to score a minimum of 75%. The certification remains valid for one year from the date of passing the exam. To renew your certification, log in to your account and retake the test.

Now, back to the question we started this piece with:

The correct answer is D. The complex selection considers options 1 & 2 (see the image, that little checkmark in the box), and though it sure fits the Total Payment Value, Lifetime Greater than 100 criteria, we have no way to know whether the customer’s favorite day of the week is Monday.

Click here to learn more and become certified now.

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