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Spice Up Your CRM Gaming Campaigns

Players are different than other consumers and deserve a unique approach. Here are a few quick CRM campaign ideas to implement right now (and a link to download more)

CRM in gaming is a different breed. At Optimove, we know that first hand, since we’re working with hundreds of gaming clients. That’s why we know that treating your players to the right opportunities by communicating extra carefully with each segment helps you form the most stable, loyal relationships with your entire player base.

Read on for a few quick, proven, gaming-CRM campaign ideas, or click here to download all 6 of them.

Favorite Product & Game Campaign

Using Optimove, you can quickly identify and group players based on their preferred product and game – allowing you to create automated personalized communications to incentivize players to deposit again.

Here are a few sample campaign incentives for Poker and Roulette players:

The Full Experience Campaign

One of the determining factors of a player becoming and remaining active is how they perceive their brand experience on your platform. Those who had a positive experience are more likely to remain active, making it crucial for marketers to identify the negative experiences and mitigate their effect.

To measure a player’s satisfaction level, Optimove calculates the player’s payout ratio as the win amount divided by the wager amount. The higher the ratio, the better the experience:

By calculating each player’s payout ratio, you can divide your customers into three groups based on their experience to acknowledge those who have a good experience and mitigate the effects of negative experiences:

See how it looks in the flowchart below:

Activity and Risk of Churn Campaign

Here, you should segment players into two groups – those who have had an activity in the past four days, and those who haven’t.

The players who haven’t had any activity in the past four days can be segmented further to identify those with a remaining balance over $X (we can help you determine the exact amount) and those with less.

Those who haven’t been active in the past four days and have the lowest remaining balance, have the highest risk of churn and should, therefore, be targeted with the strongest incentive:

Using multiple templates within Optimove, you can easily send each segment highly personalized communications based on churn risk, with incentives related to your players’ preferred products.

With the most attractive online casino campaigns for gaming operators, these are just a few ideas on keeping your players loyal.

To learn more, download the full use-case here and increase your real money gaming players’ value. or read part 1 here on best-practices-based methodologies to reap the benefits of your new players in their first couple of weeks.

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Gabriella Laster

Gabriella Laster is Product Marketing Manager at Optimove, responsible for prospect marketing and product messaging. Gabriella holds a B.A. in International Relations and English Literature and an Executive MBA from Hebrew University.