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Turn the Value of Your Real Money Gaming Players Up

Looking for best-practices-based methodologies to reap the benefits of your new players in their first couple of weeks? Find two ideas below with four more available to download

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Whether it be poker, lottery, bingo, casino, or arcade games – treating each player type differently based on their deposit and activity behavior is crucial to the success of your gaming operation. That’s Gaming CRM 101.

Communicating with players based on their individual playing experience – with best practices in mind – will allow you to spread the most effective CRM campaigns over the initial period that is crucial for players to remain active in the long run.

We’ve incorporated a couple of these best practices-based methodologies to improve the business performance of your operation.

Read on for a couple of quick, creative campaign ideas that are proven to work or click here to download all of them.

1st Campaign Idea: Activity Days

Every player you have onboard is different. They like different games, playing at different times, wagering different amounts, and so on. And this means they should be treated accordingly.

Despite a player only having one deposit day in the new lifecycle stage, they can have multiple activity days. The more activity days the player has in their first days, the more likely the player will migrate to the active stage. Players with five activity days are twice as likely to remain active than those with only a couple of activity days.

Using this insight, you can divide new players into two groups. Then, adjust the level of incentives given to each group, based on their likelihood to remain active – providing those with multiple activity days lower incentives.

You can further personalize this type of campaign by segmenting players based on their product preference:

2nd Campaign Idea: Deposit Offer by Cross-Sell

Are you a gaming operator who has more than one product? If so, this one’s for you!

Optimove research shows that by the 8th day following a player’s initial deposit, the majority of these players display a level of loyalty to the products they prefer. Players who’ve had activity in more than one product have higher rates of migration to the active stage, as seen below:

You can send cross-selling offers to players with single product preferences to increase the likelihood of a player becoming and remaining active. Using unique player segment capabilities within Optimove, you can create three separate campaigns based on the player’s product affinity:

Proven Results for Real Money Gaming Operators

Using the two campaign ideas above, various gaming operators have achieved highly personalized, well-crafted, and automated marketing plans – that increase the Lifetime Value of new players.

With Optimove, you, too, can easily implement similar strategies to improve the business performance of your operation as well as analyze player data and incorporate best practices-based methodologies. Read part 2 on a few quick CRM campaign ideas to implement right now.

To learn more, download the full use case here and start increasing the value of your real money gaming players.

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Gabriella Laster

Gabriella Laster is Product Marketing Manager at Optimove, responsible for prospect marketing and product messaging. Gabriella holds a B.A. in International Relations and English Literature and an Executive MBA from Hebrew University.