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How to Build Your Customer Model

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Free eBook Guide To Building Your Customer Model

In our guide to customer modeling, you will see how the customer lifetime value model is one of the most fundamental marketing tools that customer-centric companies use to understand their customers better. Even the simplest, most basic version – which we'll teach you about in this eBook – can help you build a better marketing strategy, achieve your goals and increase your company’s bottom line.

This free guide to building your customer model will give you the fundamentals you need in order to properly and strategically approach your data: understanding who your customers are, how much they’re worth and how much of your resources you should spend on each customer. The result is making it much simpler to make tough marketing decisions that will pay off in the short and long runs alike.

We discuss these concepts and more in this free eBook. Fill in the form now to download the complete free guide to building your customer lifetime value model.