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Optimove was named a “Strong Performer” in Forrester’s Cross-Channel Campaign Management Research

Optimove was recognized by Forrester as a leading vendor in the Cross Channel Campaign Management field thanks to its unique offering, future-ready technology, and strong customer base. Read on to learn all about Optimove's inclusion in the first-ever Forrester CCCM Wave for Independent Platforms

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Orchestrating customer-led, cross-channel journeys that exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers is a challenge every brand faces today. To rise to the challenge, many marketers have turned to cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) solutions.

And now it’s official: According to The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), Q4 2019, Optimove is a Strong Performer among the nine most significant providers.

In recognizing Optimove as a Strong Performer, Forrester evaluated Optimove’s current offering, strategy, and market presence, across 40 different criteria. In this piece, I’ll share why we believe we received this high recognition.

Let’s start with the gist: we believe Optimove’s positioning signifies that our product is ideal for B2C marketers looking to independently manage and activate their customer data for optimized cross-channel marketing.

“Customer references unanimously lauded Optimove for its data management and analytics”

Great cross-channel customer journeys are those that consistently deliver contextually relevant messages to customers, across any touchpoint and at any given time. To that end, marketers first need to be able to access, manage, and analyze all their customer data easily.

With a customer data platform at its core, Optimove is a perfect fit for this task. Optimove not only seamlessly ingests, cleanses, and unifies customer data from a myriad of sources into a single customer view, but also performs sophisticated calculations and transformations in a fraction of the time compared to other solutions.

Gone are the days of waiting for BI departments or external agencies to provide information about a segment of customers. Optimove’s numerous customer exploration and analysis tools empower marketers from any industry to quickly discover insights and act upon them, consistently shortening ideation-to-execution time. We believe that receiving a score of 5 out of 5 for Machine Learning, and Descriptive Analytics and Predictive Analytics in the Forrester report is further proof of the above.

One primary thought on every professional’s mind when speaking about customer data is privacy and security.

Today’s customers expect, and truly deserve, their preferences and data are respected, and treated with caution. At Optimove, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We believe that being recognized with the complete score for the “Privacy and Security” criteria is validation of our hard work in this area.

“Optimove offers a unique and scalable calendar-based UX to manage offers for individual recipients”

If customer data management is the first step, managing personalized experiences at scale comes next. Top-performing marketers target well over 200 segments a week. Automating, orchestrating, and personalizing across all of them, without the right solution, can quickly become a nightmare.

The Optimove solution, with its advanced automation, prioritization, and exclusion mechanisms, was built to solve this specific challenge.

By allowing marketers to choose between prioritizing campaigns or letting our AI capabilities do so for them, Optimove provides brands the flexibility needed to avoid messaging-crossfire while enhancing personalization.

We believe that the complete scores given to Optimove by Forrester for Scheduling and Automation, Offer Management, and Artificial Intelligence are all clear indicators of our differentiating capabilities in solving the challenges of orchestrating cross-channel communications at scale.

Of course, experienced marketers would never go all-in on that without knowing what is working and how to optimize for it. As the only vendor in this report with a perfect score for Measurement and Optimization, we believe our ability to determine the direct uplift attribution of any marketing strategy against any KPI and our self-optimization tools are poised to continue to answer marketer’s most advanced needs.

One note on our future

The ever-growing expectations of customers to receive a contextually relevant customer experience across touchpoints makes building the ideal CCCM solution a moving target. At Optimove, we are determined to help marketers excel at cross-channel marketing and as a result, continue to invest in our product and services heavily.

On the product side, our new database infrastructure and the upcoming release of self-optimizing journeys ensure we keep providing brands with the advanced capabilities they need to execute their strategy consistently across all available communication channels.

On the services side, our Customer Success and Strategic Services teams continuously help clients exceed their marketing goals with a variety of customized offerings.

We strongly believe that Forrester’s recognition of our business technology vision, and supporting products and services are further proof that Optimove is the right choice for B2C marketers. Especially those looking to independently manage and activate their customer data for optimized cross-channel marketing.

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