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Optimove Launches Optimove Courses to Enhance Clients’ CRM Marketing Skills 

Optimove Courses' video-first, bite-sized, and self-paced learning paths are the result of thousands of hours supporting our clients and helping them master our Customer-Led Marketing Platform

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Optimove Courses, a dynamic, video-first online curriculum designed to empower our clients and partners to master and maximize our platform’s CRM marketing capabilities. In today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, staying ahead of the game is essential. With Optimove Courses, our clients have the power to enhance their knowledge, unlock the full potential of our platform, and maximize the ROI of their marketing endeavors. 

Why Optimove Courses Matter 

Optimove’s commitment to Customer-Led Marketing inspired the creation of Optimove Courses. As our tagline “Start with the Customer” suggests, we understand great marketing starts with the customer instead of a product or service.  

Designing Optimove Courses, we started with our clients, understanding their evolving needs and the skills that could help them in their daily activities. With thousands of hours supporting and training our clients to utilize the vast capabilities of our platform, we had an excellent stepping stone. 

To start, we’ve created four comprehensive learning paths within Optimove Courses to help our clients craft more sophisticated and impactful marketing campaigns. These learning paths are built on years of experience and tailored to meet the specific needs of marketers at all career stages. 

Four Learning Paths and more to come 

Our clients and partners will gain access to four initial learning paths: 

  • Optimove Essentials: Lay a strong foundation in key Optimove capabilities and fundamentals. 
  • Optimove Advanced: Elevate your skills with advanced strategies and techniques. 
  • Optimove Email Marketing: Master the art of email marketing, a crucial component of any marketing strategy. 
  • Optimove Real-Time Marketing: Become an expert in real-time marketing strategies. 

As I mentioned, our clients’ CRM marketing needs are evolving, and so will Optimove Courses. We will add new learning paths regularly to meet those needs. In the coming weeks, we’ll add new learning paths covering Data and reporting, Mobile Marketing, Opti-X, Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform, and more. 

A personalized learning experience 

The learning paths on Optimove Courses offer an interactive learning experience designed to progress logically and cater to our clients’ unique needs and objectives. With self-paced, bite-sized video-first modules, they can conveniently fit learning into their busy schedule. Each module includes exercises and assessments to reinforce your understanding of key concepts. 

Upon completing a learning path, they’ll have the opportunity to earn an official Optimove certification, reflecting their dedication to mastering Optimove. 

Going beyond the platform to empower our clients 

We believe that supporting our clients means being there for them, supporting their activity, and helping them sharpen their skills and expertise. The more they understand our platform’s capabilities, the more value they’ll produce in their marketing activities. 

We’ll continue to ensure our clients are always one step ahead of the curve and that our support goes beyond the boundaries of our platform. Optimove Courses are a valuable resource that will empower our clients and partners to expand their knowledge and expertise at their own pace to harness the full potential of advanced Customer-Led Marketing capabilities. 

Optimove clients and partners can enroll using this link. 

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