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Optimove and Netcore Partner to Deliver Highly Personalized Email and SMS Customer Messaging

B2C companies will benefit greatly from the combination of Optimove's smart orchestration capabilities with Netcore's fast, high-delivery messaging infrastructure

It’s another step we are incredibly proud to take on our journey to allow business-to-consumer marketers to reach their customers with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

And so, today, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with India-based Netcore, a leading APAC provider of email and SMS messaging infrastructure and services.

The partnership will enable B2C companies to automate the large-scale delivery of highly relevant, personalized customer communications – and to strengthen their ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence when communicating with customers. Thus, building a better brand-customer relationship, on route to increasing Customer Lifetime Value.

Netcore is a significant messaging provider player in the APAC market, delivering 9 billion emails per month for thousands of customers, including world-class brands, such as Domino’s, KFC, Hyundai, Axis Bank, Vodafone and Standard Chartered Bank.

Established in 1997 by Rajesh Jain, Netcore offers solutions to help brands and enterprises in customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Its product suite includes Smartech, an AI-powered growth marketing platform, and Pepipost, an email API platform.

Partnering with Optimove enables Netcore’s customers to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by leveraging Optimove’s smart customer modeling, segmentation, personalization, optimization, and multichannel campaign orchestration capabilities. Existing Optimove customers will also be able to benefit from Netcore’s fast message delivery platform and its AI-enabled high delivery rates.

The most common customer use cases of the Optimove-Netcore integration are:

  • Email personalization – Leveraging Optimove’s “single source of truth” customer model for managing highly granular segments and personalization tags within emails and mobile messages delivered by Netcore.
  • Multichannel campaign orchestration – Keeping all marketing channels fully aligned and synchronized, including Netcore’s email and SMS channels, by allowing Optimove to execute Netcore campaigns along with all other available channels (push notifications, website personalization, digital advertising, direct mail, etc.).
  • Smart campaign optimization – Ensuring that each customer only receives the most relevant communications by using Optimove’s prioritization and exclusion mechanisms, AI-generated insights, and self-optimizing A/B/n campaigns.

“We are very impressed with how Optimove integrates data science, AI and marketing know-how to enable companies to send relevant, emotionally intelligent communications to thousands or millions of individual customers,” said Chaitanya Chinta, Co-Founder and Global Head of Email Business at Netcore. “This partnership further advances our mission of providing the ultimate email deliverability experience for our customers.”

“This partnership with Netcore expands Optimove’s offering in APAC markets,” said Yael Lapid, VP Customer Delivery at Optimove. “We look forward to working closely with Netcore’s excellent team on helping many joint clients in APAC improve the business value and impact of their relationship marketing operations via the combined Optimove-Netcore solution.”

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