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Optimove 2016 Year in Review

During 2016, Optimove’s clients dramatically increased the number of their customer segments and interactions, targeting smaller and smaller customer groups with tailored messaging across a variety of channels

2016 was all about revolutionizing Optimove to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. The numbers in our end-of-year infographic outline the growth of Optimove, as well as of the volume of communications between our clients and their customers. But these numbers tell only part of the story. Behind the metrics is the story of invention and innovation, of creating something out of nothing. It involves countless comings and goings, endless debating on whiteboards about strategy and code and terminology, all-nighters of coding and QA, the pulling-in of data about different industries, and an infinite number of coffee cups. We are straddling the digital frontier to bring you the most powerful and revolutionary tools, so that your brand can excel at what it does best: bringing value to customers. And we love every moment of it.

Thank you for your part in the Optimove story and for being the great friends and partners that you are. Here’s to another year of creativity, innovation and great retention!

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