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Optimove’s Mobile Messaging Fosters Relationship Marketing Aptitude

Optimove's new capabilities will help retailers prepare, deliver and track hyper-personalized mobile campaigns

Last week, Optimove officially announced the adding of mobile messaging capabilities to its marketing platform, enabling companies to communicate more seamlessly with customers through pop-up, in-app and mobile push notifications. This marks another step in Optimove’s mission to unify customer marketing efforts for brands and empower them to send smart, targeted and emotionally intelligent communications, regardless of the channel.

Optimove’s customers can now consolidate their marketing efforts within the Optimove universe, allowing them to plan, execute and measure their relationship marketing campaigns in one place. This single move creates space for more sophisticated segmentation and analytics, saves money and effort, and gives marketers the mindshare to focus on creating the experiences their customers are looking for.

Optimove’s mobile messaging capabilities will allow companies to explore the following:

Unified cross-platform templates – Define a single push template for both iOS and Android apps, reducing the overhead of managing multiple templates for the same campaign.

Personalization tags – Insert dynamic tags to personalize the subject and body fields, using nearly any field available in the Optimove customer database.

Deep links – Specify deep links to specific areas of your apps, for a seamless user experience.

True preview – See exactly how your push notifications will appear on device screens while you edit them.

Delivery expiration settings – Specify an expiration time for time-sensitive campaigns, ensuring that temporarily undeliverable messages won’t be delivered after the campaign has already concluded.

Test sends – Send your templates as test notifications to one or more test recipients to ensure that they appear as intended in your apps, on any device.

comScore reports that customers spend a massive 69% of their media time on smartphones, and while mobile audiences can be hard to please — many never returning to an under-performing app or website — marketers also recognize the immense potential of this channel, if used intelligently. Personalized push notifications can increase engagement by 4-7 times.

“Most other platforms will take a backward approach,” says Pini Yakuel, Optimove’s CEO. “They first focus on a channel — the muscle — and then retroactively bake in data capabilities — the brain. We started with the brain and built this company on a very strong foundation of AI and machine learning, which we are now able to apply to any ‘muscle’ that our customers want, with mobile being the latest example.” This new product was announced last week at the ShopTalk event in Las Vegas.

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