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How to Boost Your Marketing Efficiency

Does your marketing team have the tools needed to maximize its overall efficiency and save significant time and effort – all while increasing the number of campaigns you send and customer journeys you create? Before you answer, read this…

The world of Martech, simply put, is complex. It’s complicated and highly intricate, and tasks often take up significant work hours to complete, which could be better spent elsewhere. 

Marketers wait for data teams to get insights and then need to use multiple platforms to create and orchestrate campaigns on one platform and look at analytics dashboards on another to get metrics on performance.  

This complexity and time investment present significant challenges for marketers seeking to make their campaigns and strategies more efficient and effective. 

The good news? A better way exists! 

“Before we used Optimove, we would have been sending 11 campaigns in a month. Now, we spend the same amount of time to build 48 campaigns,” said the head of communication at an insurance company in a recent Forrester report, The Total Economic Impact of Optimove

So how is it done? Let’s start from the top. 

The Assembly Line 

Many marketing teams still work in an assembly line formation where each department acts as a piece of the puzzle to get the job done.  

Marketers who develop a creative campaign and request data to support it, for instance, may need help from a supporting IT department with their own priorities.  

So, the amount of time needed to submit a request may take days – not to mention the actual execution of the campaign and analysis of the results.  

And throughout this tiring scenario, your campaign may become irrelevant. 

There are ways to get around it, though. But first, let’s do the math. 

The Table of Calculations  

To make your marketing more efficient, you can calculate the money spent on marketing operations. 

In the Forrester report mentioned above, The Total Economic Impact of Optimove, the global research company created formulas to determine the time it takes a marketer to perform certain tasks, such as setting up an email campaign, before and after using Optimove. 

Here are some of the calculations from the report: 

Campaign efficiency improvement 

Time to set up email campaigns before Optimove (hours) minus Time to set up email campaigns after Optimove (hours) divided by Time to set up email campaigns before Optimove (hours) 

Based on this formula, the brands that Forrester interviewed improved campaign efficiency by 88% for three consecutive years! Not to blow our own horn, but that’s a lot. 

Hours saved from email campaign creation 

Number of retention campaigns in a year multiplied by Time to set up email campaigns before Optimove (hours) minus Time to set up email campaigns after Optimove (hours) 

The brands Forrester analyzed saved 4,200 hours after one year, 6,300 hours after two years, and 8,400 hours after three years of using Optimove on average. That, as we said before, is a lot. 

Improved marketing campaign efficiency 

Hours saved from email campaign creation multiplied by Marketing analyst’s hourly salary multiplied by Productivity conversion 

During the first year, brands that used Optimove improved campaign efficiency by $114,660. After using the platform for three years, that number jumped to $252,840. That means they are saving all that money as their marketers need to work less on creating campaigns. They can put more effort into other tasks – minimizing manual work, boosting creativity time, and simply working smarter! 

These formulas (and many more) are essential to consider when marketers must do more with less in times of budget constraints.

Improved marketing campaign efficiency - Optimove

So, how did they do it?   

The All-In-One Solution  

Brands can no longer afford to compromise on marketing efficiency. Working with multiple departments and platforms to complete a single task is time-consuming, monotonous, and risks campaigns cross-firing.  

Marketers need the whole package: one platform with one login and one single customer view.  

Optimove’s segmentation and smart orchestration capabilities help marketers improve operational efficiency, especially regarding campaign execution. 

“Being able to leverage our customer data efficiently has been a game-changer. With Optimove, we have seen the time to launch campaigns drop from over four hours to less than 10 minutes!” — Federica Calandrino, Customer Insights Manager, Melita Ltd. 

With an all-in-one marketing solution, brands can generate a single customer view and marketing campaign performance dashboards in real-time. This empowers marketers to create and execute campaigns, develop customer insights and metrics, and analyze performance, all in a single platform. 

Interested in learning more? Download the complete Forrester Report: Optimove’s Total Economic Impact

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