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How Sisal Boosted CLV and Became Customer-Centric with Optimove

By using Optimove’s Strategic Services Team and data science expertise, Sisal's marketing team was able to focus on each player's experience and preferences, which resulted in large increases in all key player metrics  

Operating in the Gaming and Payment Services sector since 1946, Sisal became the first Italian company to function in the gaming sector under a Government License. Today, the company boasts more than 1,800 employees and is responsible for 200 million annual transactions across more than 14 million gaming and service customers.

In order to improve their player loyalty, lifetime value, and revenue, Sisal’s management wanted to shift its online marketing operations from being product-centric, to customer-centric. When they began this process, they were looking for a trusted partner that could provide the technology, expertise and consulting services to accompany this shift and ensure a smooth and successful process.

Optimove’s market-leading technology, Strategic Services Team, and years of deep experience in the online gaming and service sectors, made us the perfect partner to help Sisal accomplish its strategic goals.

Remove Information Silos

Optimove’s Strategic Services Team worked closely with Sisal’s management to change the entire organizational structure of their online gaming marketing teams and adopt Optimove’s software and strategies. Adapting to these new tools and guidance helped Sisal’s marketing team focus on each player’s experiences and preferences – and translate this insight into a CRM communication strategy resulting in large increases in all key player metrics.

After using Optimove, Sisal’s marketers gained deep insight into their players’ behavior. By segmenting players into granular, homogeneous “player personas,” they efficiently delivered the most relevant and personalized messages, offers, and incentives, to each individual player.

During the process, the company’s online gaming unit removed information silos and synchronized its marketing teams. By tying all stakeholders into a single, 360-degree view of each player, the online gaming unit succeeded in consolidating a holistic source of player intelligence across a wide range of activities. For example: While in the past, Sisal’s marketers from the Lottery department would have considered a player who hadn’t played the Lottery for three months as churned, they are now aware that the same player has been active recently in Sports Betting and can thus interact with him accordingly.

Significant Increases

70% of the players in Sisal’s database are returning ones, registered for more than a year, yet 89% of the online gaming unit’s annual GGR is now attributable to those 70% of players, making them more valuable than we would expect. This is proof positive that focusing on delivering relevant, personalized communications to an existing player database drives significant revenue growth. Furthermore, by focusing on the entire player life cycle, player acquisition efforts are also more aligned with long-term player relationship objectives.

“Optimove’s relationship marketing software and expert professional guidance have strategically enhanced our marketing,” Marco Tiso, Online Gaming Business Manager, Sisal

Using Optimove to segment their players into granular personas and automate personalized player targeting and messaging, Sisal’s online gaming unit has achieved significant increases in key metrics, including:

“A Real Game Changer”

“Optimove’s relationship marketing software and expert professional guidance have strategically enhanced our marketing, and have been a game changer for us,” said Sisal’s Online Gaming Business Manager Marco Tiso. “Optimove is not just a vendor for us, they are an important strategic partner”.

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