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The Leading Relationship
Marketing Solution for
Gaming Operators

Acquisition costs are skyrocketing, as more and more operators are competing over the same players. Only operators that market to their players according to each one’s distinct preferences and traits will beat the competition and be profitable on their acquisition spend.

When you have deep understanding of each player and deliver the most effective message every time, you will dramatically increase player loyalty and maximize lifetime value.

  • Leverage a 360° single customer view across all products.
  • Manage and automate highly personalized player interactions across all available channels.
  • Get player retention campaigns out the door in minutes rather than days.
  • Easily deploy hyper-targeted, activity-triggered campaigns.
  • Understand the true financial uplift generated by every campaign.
  • Use predictive analytics to automatically identify and respond to customer behavior, preventing churn and maximizing the player value for VIPs and every other distinct player type.
  • Leverage AI to discover untapped potential in your player base.

BetMGM uses Optimove to maximize CLTV

“Optimove has demonstrated themselves as being the key leaders in the CRM space”

“With Optimove we can continuously optimize our campaigns and extract increasing value from our customers by servicing them with the right offer/content at the right time via the right channel.”
“CRM automation at scale = Optimove”
“A complete retention marketing suite”
“Valuable tool in supporting campaign automation & personalization”

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