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How OTT Platforms Can Optimize Marketing Performance – Part II

Welcome to the second part of this series where we present actual, actionable insights – derived by Optimove's OTT clients

In the first part of our Optimizing Marketing Performance for OTT Platforms series, we talked about how to incentivize behaviors to drive higher LTV. 

It is common knowledge that not analyzing data for business benefits is leaving money on the table. Yet, most OTT companies are barely scratching the surface of what is possible in this regard. 

Marketers using homegrown platforms who are looking to scale and optimize their subscriber retention and experience programs are usually challenged by: 

  • Transforming customer data insights into multichannel campaigns 
  • Providing personalized communications across channels, at scale 
  • Implementing an automated decisioning framework that serves the next-best-action for each individual customer 
  • Identifying the incremental uplift of campaigns, journeys, and plans 

On the other hand, OTT platforms using smart relationship marketing platforms routinely find ways to increase subscriber loyalty, engagement, and revenues. 

For example, a leading OTT provider with over 68 million subscribers, increased subscriber reactivation by 69%, and customer retention by 20% by properly using the Optimove platform. 

So, how did they do it? By leveraging their data to generate insights that lead to more effective subscriber marketing – among the rest. And if it’s gamified, even better! 

So, how can you increase renewal rates with gamified campaigns? 

Many OTT platforms provide several subscription plans. Typical plans include 30-day, 90-day, and 1-year subscriptions. This flexibility helps platforms offer services to subscribers with different commitment preferences, enlarging the platforms’ total addressable market. 

However, it also adds complexity in understanding subscriber behavior and maintaining a healthy marketing plan for each different plan. 

Using Optimove, marketers at a particular OTT platform, revealed that their shorter plans had the highest retention rates. 

More specifically, the 30-day subscription plan held a retention rate of 41%, their 180-day plan held a 25% retention rate, and their annual plan only had a 15% retention rate. 

As seen in the chart below, for this platform’s 30-day-plan subscribers, the higher the number of subscription renewals, the more likely subscribers were to renew their subscription once again. 

With insights like this, marketers used Optimove to gamify renewal campaigns based on each subscriber’s number of renewals. The team segmented their 30-day-plan subscribers, based on the number of times they had renewed, and set up separate campaigns for each group.

The marketers divided their subscribers into three tiers, based on each one’s number of renewals, and scheduled campaigns to be automatically sent to the customers a few days before each one’s subscription expired. 

Campaigns included incentives such as:

Number of Renewals Offer level Sample Campaign Incentive
1-2 renewals High Renew your subscription for a chance to join a {{Favorite Actor}} movie premier
3-4 renewals Medium Renew two subscriptions and get a third at 50% off!
5+ renewals Low Don’t miss another episode of {{Favorite Series}}

This specific example is but a small taste of how OTT platforms can leverage their data to generate insights that lead to more effective subscriber marketing.

This can really help your team continuously discover new ways to improve the viewer experience, leading to increases in customer loyalty, engagement, and revenues.

Stay tuned for the final part of this series, where we’ll talk about how to identify ideal subscribers for new release marketing and reducing churn by targeting involuntary churners.

Your can download here the full OTT platform use cases. Stay tuned for part three.

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