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Get Your Users to Talk. Then, Dare to Listen

We surveyed our clients on their experience with Optimove. Here is what they had to say

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When running a SaaS company, you always want to be attentive to your clients. Sometimes this means running an NPS, others holding calls with users to hear their feedback. And sometimes, it includes sending out a full-blown survey to hear what they have to say.

Hopefully, for you, it includes all the above.

Here at Optimove, we follow these best-practices closely. Today, we want to share some insights from a user survey that our clients recently answered.

Who did we survey?

First things first, who are Optimove’s clients? To answer that question, you can check some of the logos in our clients section or read some of their case studies. What you won’t find there is who they are and how they work.

We asked our users how long they have been using Optimove. The answer split equally between less than a year, 1-2 years, and over 2 years. 

When we asked them how long they have worked in CRM marketing, 60% answered over 3 years.

How big are their teams, you ask? Well, that answer is below.

In short, they are an experienced bunch that mostly work as part of a mid-to-large sized team.

What drives them and their organizations?

We were curious (as you might be) to know what makes Optimove users tick. Or in other words, what are their professional goals for the year, and why did they choose Optimove to help achieve them.

For years marketers have known that channel metrics aren’t a precursor of success, yet many still speak about them as part of their goals. No surprise then, that our clients included them within their strategic goals for the year.

The more uplifting finding was the focus on uplift (a pun!) and customer migrations between lifecycles and segments.

For those who don’t know, uplift is the increased impact that a campaign or journey has had on a specific KPI. At Optimove, this calculation is productized via the use of control groups. The focus on uplift can be considered a focus on the direct impact of strategies being rolled out by marketers.

Additionally, customer migrations take a longer-term view, as they focus on the movement of customers across different lifecycles. For example, the conversion rates of non-paying customers to paying ones, or the reactivation of churned customers.

Seeing both words showing up regularly and predominantly across the word-cloud below was a shot of fresh air.

How do they use Optimove to achieve their goals, you ask? We did so, too, and saw a pretty even split between the product’s core capabilities.

Access to customer data, customer insights, ease of segmentation, and campaign orchestration, measurement, and optimization all received much consideration.

Now, you might be asking yourself, how does Optimove actually help them know if they are achieving their goals? That’s a great question as well, but one that we would instead answer over coffee. What we can say is that users leverage Optimove to report on their performance very frequently.

Over 78% of users leverage data from Optimove to report on their performance on at least a weekly cadence.

What do they feel about Optimove?

For those who are interested in knowing the answer to that question, as in any relationship, it isn’t only one thing.

First, there is ease-of-use and goal achievement. 75% of users agree that Optimove is easy to use, and 78% agree that Optimove helps them achieve their goals in some way.

Then, there are our acclaimed customer success, professional services, and support teams. With 83% of clients saying they are satisfied, or above, with their customer success manager, 75% responded the same regarding Optimove’s support team. A whopping 88% answered that way as to their satisfaction with Optimove’s strategic services team.

Of course, many additional feedback and charts exist, but we will leave those for some other time. If you can’t wait, then we are more than happy to make good on that coffee.

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