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CRM Marketing Insights: The Complete Collection

This carefully curated list of our best and most thought-provoking, trend-exploring, wisdom-seeking, and industry-explaining articles from 2021 is available only for Optimove Ambassadors. Want to be one? Contact your Optimove Client Success Manager

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Hey, there, dear Optimove Ambassador, this blog post was written especially for you.

With all the possible information available somewhere, but not nearly enough time to consume it all, curation has become a must-have skill for the modern professional. We know that, and that’s what this blog post is here to do. For you.

See, Optimove has a blog, where we published about 80 posts during a crazy 2021. What were they about? A wide range of topics, from company news to CRM tips and tricks, from product updates to use cases. You know the drill.

But, our mix also regularly includes some more thought-provoking, trend-exploring, wisdom-seeking, and industry-explaining pieces. And we decided to curate the best ones for you right here not only because we are proud of them and think you’ll find them useful, but because they are usually harder to find.

After all, things like company news, tips-and-tricks, use cases, and case studies, are fantastic SEO pieces, and there are good chances you’ll reach them through search. But the think-pieces, they’re harder to just stumble upon. This is where us doing the curation for you comes in extra handy.

So, here they are, our top 10 brain-poking posts from 2021.

1. Why a Tectonic Shift is Coming for the CDP Market: Some say that curiosity didn’t kill the cat, indecision did. The CDP category is dangerously teetering on the edge of that cat’s fate. The indecision surrounding what a CDP is might only be solved by a split in the category.

In one more sentence: basically, we show what it means when we say that things are not going to stay the same when it comes to how people talk about the CDP category and its sister categories.

2. What’s Next? A Look at CRM Marketing Trends Is a Look at Digital Marketing’s Future: As treating your customers better and growing revenue through existing customers are becoming as strategic as any other marketing and revenue operation, we give you an insider’s view into where things are headed at the CRM Marketing market.

In one more sentence: basically, we explain here why CRM Marketing and Digital Marketing are getting more and more intertwined. As if to say, the CMOs of tomorrow are relationship marketers.

3. MORE New Year’s Resolutions for Excellent CRM Marketing: Go to the gym, don’t go to the gym. Eat more greens, eat fewer greens. We don’t know much about that. But, if you want to build the best possible CRM Marketing strategy, start by following these NEW New Year’s Resolutions.

In one more sentence: basically, we take a secondary, deeper, wider look at the 6 New Year’s Rez, and add to them – a list that if you follow, you’ll become an unstoppable relationship marketer.

4. When One Door Closes, Another Opens – The Challenge and Opportunity in Apple’s Email Privacy Updates for iOS 15: Yes, it’s a major change that can make things harder for email marketing. But it’s also the industry’s chance to move closer towards truly meaningful measurements. Our email marketing expert goes deep into how it can work for you too.

In one more sentence: basically, we show why opens and clicks are not much more than outdated vanity metrics, and why measuring revenue uplift, by using control groups, and calculating CRM Contribution means you don’t lose a minute of sleep over privacy changes that prevent you from tracking things like opens.

5. Here’s Why it’s Time to Make Realtime CRM Marketing a Strategic Initiative: While marketing teams in iGaming are often more tech-savvy than those in many other fields, adopting realtime CRM marketing is facing some legacy challenges. But, with the business results existing technology helps achieve, and other motivations, there’s no way around it: making realtime a strategic marketing initiative is of adapt-or-die importance.

In one more sentence: basically, we go over the incredibly powerful motives for iGaming operators to make the leap and adopt realtime marketing as a native, leading part of their retention strategy.

6. Black Friday Marketing – Here’s Why It’s Wrong To Prioritize New Customer Acquisition During the Holidays (at the expense of existing customers): Marketing leaders love to talk about emphasizing “retention” and “loyalty”. But, when it comes to the holiday/shopping season, most will go back to old-fashioned, perhaps outdated, tactics. Even though the data begs otherwise.

In one more sentence: basically, we show in simple, clear numbers, why what most marketers do during peak seasons is wrong.

7. In with the Old: Why Brands Should Aim for a Low Ratio of New Customers: Most B2C companies are bullish on branding and/or acquisition. The smartest ones, though, balance these efforts with taking CRM Marketing strategically seriously. The numbers here show why you should, too.

In one more sentence: basically, we show how companies with a higher ratio of existing to new customers have better revenue than companies that have a lower such ratio, which can only be deducted to one conclusion: invest in retention or stay behind.

8. 6 Ingredients of a MarTech Vendor that Brands Should Partner With: When it comes to choosing a marketing technology vendor, there are too many fish in the sea. Especially since you want more than just a “tool”. You want a partner that would help your business grow. Here’s what you should be looking for in a MarTech vendor that can really push you forward.

In one more sentence: basically, it’s a kind of checklist for the next time you go shop for MarTech.

9. See What Other Brands Are Looking for in a MarTech Partner: Building a future-proof, holistic, agile marketing tech stack can easily become a competitive advantage. Follow these common “buyer demands” to make sure you’re asking the right questions when hunting for a vendor.

In one more sentence: basically, to build upon the text in #8 above, here we talk about what MOST SMART marketers look for when they build sophisticated tech stacks.

10. Hey, CMO, Are You Making the Most of Your CRM Marketing? Maximized CRM revenue can ensure CMOs their “seat at the table”, but only if they can attribute it accurately.

In one more sentence: Basically, we go over how (and the importance of) measuring your CRM Contribution effectively.

And a bonus one… from earlier this month:

Punching Above Its Historical Weight – Why Retention Should No Longer Play Second Fiddle to Acquisition: You got one marketing dollar. How are you going to split it? Decades ago, it was all about getting people to buy with you in the first place. But there’s a towering pile of evidence now that is screaming you should really take better care of retaining existing customers. Here’s the case.

In one more sentence: basically, we make the easy, simple, strong, and straightforward case that Retention as a staple of business initiatives is every other initiative’s equal.

If you take the time to go through these, you won’t only become an even more well-rounded marketer, but also, well, the perfect Optimove Ambassador.

Have a great 2022.

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