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Can Optimove Help Telecommunications Brands Optimize Marketing Performance?

The short answer? Yes. How do we do it? By leveraging vast amounts of customer data, driving personalized experiences, boosting retention, increasing customer lifetime value, and more. What about some real-world use-cases and actionable insights? Thought you’d never ask

Remember the early days of personalization when your name in an email or an SMS birthday greeting was about as much as your marketing stack could muster? Ah, those heady days of simplicity! But simple doesn’t mean effective, and simple won’t cut the mustard with today’s tech-savvy consumers. In 2023, consumers expect personalization in every interaction they have with a brand, and if they don’t get it, the competition is a click away …

The good news? Those tech-savvy connected consumers generate vast amounts of data every time they connect with your brand, meaning you’ve got unparalleled opportunities to ramp up your personalization efforts and get heard above the noise. Here’s how Optimove is helping telco brands to do just that …. 

First things first – data is key!

Using customer data strategically is crucial for achieving personalization, yet in 2025, 80% of telecom marketers that have invested in personalization will abandon their efforts. The problem? Turning data into action.

No longer. With Optimove’s exceptional segmentation, orchestration, and measurement capabilities, telecoms brands have the tools to deliver superior personalized experiences that drive measurable growth. But don’t just take our word for it. Below, we’re going to take a closer at Optimove telecom customers using the solution to: 

  1. Boost conversion rates 
  2. Elevate account activity
  3. Maximize customer lifetime value 
  4. And minimize churn 

Let’s dive in.

Boost conversion rates by combining real-time and scheduled campaigns 

Conversion is challenging; some telecom brands find that 98% of registered-only customers will never subscribe to one of their products. That’s an eye-watering high number …

So how does Optimove help turn that figure into one you’re happily shouting about? By giving you the tools to explore customer behavior and use the resulting insights to build a combination of real-time and scheduled campaigns that massively elevate the chances of conversion. 

One Optimove client discovered that 86% of their customers take their first subscription within one week of registering, and 43% convert on the same day. Using these insights, they’ve got the building blocks to craft a strategic one-week marketing plan. 

To kick off, a real-time campaign could be triggered when the customer fails to make a subscription within an hour of registering. If the customer still doesn’t convert, scheduled campaigns could be shipped throughout the first week to incentivize subscriptions with various offers and discounts.

Here’s what that week might look like:

Day 1Day 2 Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6
1st Campaign (1hr after registration): 
Welcome newsletter.
2nd Campaign: 
Subscription discount.
3rd Campaign: 
Higher subscription discount.

Bottom line? Data-driven real-time and scheduled marketing campaigns mean big opportunities to elevate reach, optimize targeting, and squeeze more bang for your buck from that ever-tightening marketing budget!

Encourage activity by leveraging top-up data 

With every new top-up a customer makes, the more likely they are to remain engaged with your brand, so it makes sense to focus marketing efforts on driving top-ups, right?

*As customers make more top-ups, the time between them shortens. 

Diving into their data and insights on Optimove’s platform, one client discovered that a customer’s preferred top-up method impacts their future value.

Using these insights, there’s a golden opportunity to leverage Optimove’s segmentation and campaign orchestration capabilities. How? By creating a campaign that targets customers based on their top-up preference, then crafting campaign messaging that encourages deposits using a different payment method. 

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value by Cross-Selling 

With a pretty impressive portfolio of services, many telecom brands have massive potential for growth by adopting a cross-selling strategy that creates multi-service customers. 

But where to start when you’ve got a vast customer base, some of who are going to be more prone to the cross-selling of one product over another? How about data and insights? By diving into the customer data and determining the most lucrative cross-sell opportunities, you’ve got the perfect starting point for building campaigns that convert.

Here’s a great example of what that would look like.

When looking at the data of one of Optimove’s telecom clients, the customers that subscribed to either TV, telephone, internet, or mobile services have a future value 113% higher than those subscribed to a single product.

Using these insights, this client could start building cross-sell campaigns to customers not subscribed to mobile services and increase their future value. 

Moreover, given that every customer is unique and will have their preferred method of communication, a key strategy to elevate engagement will be the execution of multichannel campaigns – 37% more effective than single-channel ones. 

So before shipping that winning cross-sell campaign, you can jump on Optimove,  dive into your data, and segment your customers based on their channel preferences – then hit them with the campaign via their channel of choice. 

And why stop there? To increase engagement, combine your outbound and inbound channels using  Optimove’s super-smart orchestration capabilities and deliver that all-important seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. Bingo!

Identify Customers at Risk of Churn with Predictive Modelling

Competition out there is fierce; loyal customers are becoming increasingly easy to tempt over to the other side and increasingly challenging to tempt back once they’re gone. Reader – churn prevention matters

But rather than guesstimating which customers are at risk of churn, you can use Optimove’s machine learning predictive models to identify them quickly, then create the optimum offers they’ll find hard to resist.

To achieve this, you’d segment your Risk of Churn customers into three groups based on their likelihood to churn (so critical/mid/low), and then allocate your offers on a sliding scale, far more effective than shipping the same promotion to all customers regardless of where they’re at on the at-risk scale.

Beyond that, you could explore the characteristics of your customers in each Risk of Churn segment. For example, using Optimove’s  ‘Risk of Churn’ model, one telecom brand could segment its top-up customers based on their activity and likelihood to churn and better target them with pitch-perfect promotions. 

A final word

Standing out above the noise is challenging in a rapidly evolving telecoms industry. But by leveraging your customer data and using clever orchestration with Optimove’s customer-led marketing platform, you’ve got the tools to create powerful and personalized marketing campaigns that hit customers with the right message at the right time – every time. When that happens, the results can be truly transformative.

To learn more about how you can use Optimove to understand your customers and utilize their data for personalized marketing, contact us.

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