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All big tech retailers will have customer retention systems in ten years
Optimove CEO Pini Yakuel told PCR at the Ecommerce Expo: “We find patterns and identify micro segments of customers and look at how to make them more engaged, but in some places customer loyalty is not strong and we can help companies improve this. We want to bring our expertise to ecommerce and target more retailers – anyone who has an interesting customer story. In ten years’ time, all big retailers will have retention automation systems. We want to be number one player in that market.”  
Segment, Monetize, Retain, Repeat
A new suite of tools from Optimove aims to help marketers maximize the lifetime value of customers across the lifecycle by killing churn in its tracks. In addition to improved customer response prediction capabilities, the suite includes a calendar-based marketing management tool to help users track and optimize campaigns.  
ISoftBet announce Optimove agreement
iSoftBet’s sales manager Luci Apostolou said: “We have seen terrific results from operators who have already implemented this solution and we are looking forward to seeing similar results on the rest of the iSoftBet platform.”
10 Impressive Tel Aviv Tech Startups
As one of the only successful bootstrapped software startups in Tel Aviv, Optimove has proven itself as a market leader and has tripled revenue and doubled staff to 30 employees since last year.  

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