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From Personalization to High-Definition Emotional Intelligence
The central principle of marketing is that knowing a customer better helps you to offer products and services they actually want. Understanding the context of a customer has always been a part of that, but recently the amount of contextual information available to marketers has sky-rocketed.
Holiday customers are more valuable than online retailers might think
A study by customer retention automation platform Optimove finds that existing customers’ transactions during the holidays were 30% higher than new holiday shoppers, the number of items bought by existing customers was 40% higher compared with new customers and existing customers were almost three times more likely to make at least one more purchase with the brand.
3 Technologies Aiming to Change the Future of Marketing
Optimove is at the forefront of this innovation. Combining the science of predictive analytics and the art of digital precision marketing, Optimove’s Customer Marketing Cloud gives marketers the data-driven emotional intelligence required to interact with their customers most effectively.

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