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3 Israeli Startups That Didn’t Need Funds To Skyrocket
Optimove’s client base includes industry leaders such as Zynga, Outbrain, Nelly, Lucky Vitamin, Caesar’s Interactive Entertainment, and many more… Through hard work, strategic development, and dedication to their mission, Optimove was able to thrive on their own, without the help of external investors.
You’re Managing Your Customer Journeys All Wrong
A terrain-based approach to drawing customer journey maps allows marketers to easily and dynamically define a nearly infinite number of customer micro-segments. There is no other practical way to manage the complex customer journeys that are, quite simply, a fact of life.
Optimove CEO Pini Yakuel Talks Improving Player Conversion
In a world where players are evolving, and competition is fierce, rising above the noise by engaging players in ways they appreciate is a must in order to grow a business. Optimove’s solution intelligently automates the execution of this specific goal, something that our customers and partners appreciate greatly.
The 5 Lifecycle Stages of an Online Shopper
Managing your customer relationships based on lifecycle stages is a powerful way to increase engagement and loyalty. Deploying data-driven retention campaigns improves your ability to engage, monetize and retain customers, resulting in long-lasting customer relationships and an improved bottom line.

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